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Podcasting Q&A - October 19, 2019
Podcaster Randal Silvey answers listeners' podcasting questions in this October 19th live stream.
PodEdit: A Podcast About Podcasting
A podcast about podcasting hosted by Randal Silvey. Podcast tips, tutorials, and more.

Technology & Business

Vicious Circle Podcast Teaser

On The Vicious Circle Podcast, Pro Wrestling legend Sid Eudy talks about his life, careers, and the legacy that is ‘Sid’.. Hear it first on Electronic Media Collective!

I Feel Sorry For Slack

Today on the show we get into the difference between GSuite and Office365. We talk about Slack going head to head with Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Chat. We get into Dell having success in selling Linux. We get into Apple and how they are going …

60s Reboot Becomes EMC Original

Hear our exciting announcement in this wild promo featuring 60’s Reboot Podcast, the Grawlix Podcast, time travelling doppelgangers and a misguided mythical creature

Earnings Report Week

The Tech Geek talks about Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft earnings reports and more.

Microsoft Closed Ebook Store

Today on the show we talk about another step in Microsoft getting out of the consumer electronics business by closing their Ebooks store. We get into Apple announcing a credit card you can’t get the week after they announce new hardware.

The Apple Plus Event

This week on the show we talk about Apple big event and everything they released. We get into Facebook changing their open platform mindset to more closed and what they are doing with Whats App. We talk about YouTube getting out of the original content…

Apple Hardware Week

Today on the show we talk about Apple’s big event coming up and how they have released hardware almost every day this week. We talk about the new iMac 21 inch and iMac 27 inch Pro. We talk about the new iPad Air and iPad Mini vs the iPad Pro. We get in…

Apple TV Service What Can We Expect

Today on the show we talk about what could Apple TV service be and what can we expect. We talk about Microsoft starting to warn users to get off of Windows 7. Microsoft can now uninstall bad updates, Google Allo is dead and much more…