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    Most recent episode posted 2 years ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    Electronic Media Collective Specials Episodes

    Vicious Circle Podcast Teaser
    On The Vicious Circle Podcast, Pro Wrestling legend Sid Eudy talks about his life, careers, and the legacy that is ‘Sid’.. Hear it first on Electronic Media Collective!

    60s Reboot Becomes EMC Original
    Hear our exciting announcement in this wild promo featuring 60’s Reboot Podcast, the Grawlix Podcast, time travelling doppelgangers and a misguided mythical creature

    Interview: Dustin Smothers of Pro Wrestling Mothership
    Interview with Dustin Smothers, host of Pro Wrestling Mothership, The No-Coast Nerd, The Capitol Wrestling Podcast and The Wrestling Revolver Podcast!

    Electronic Media Collective Specials
    Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network specials. Interviews, updates and crossover episodes!

    Interview: Andrew Willis of Movies Now and Then
    http://media.blubrry.com/podcastnetwork/p/archive.org/download/electronicmediacollective/EMCinterview-Andrew-Willis.mp3 Interview with Andrew Willis, host and producer of the film discussion podcast Movies Now And Then. Originally streamed to the Electronic Media Collective Facebook

    Electronic Media Crossover #6: International Podcast Day 2017
    The first segment from our 6 and a half hour long Facebook stream in celebration of International Podcast Day 2017. In this live streamed conversation

    Electronic Media Crossover #5: Roman Pod & Cast, Pro Wrestling Iowa, Grawlix Podcast
    Robert of Roman Pod and Cast, Randy and Jesse of The Grawlix Podcast and current Crossover last-man-standing champion Dustin of Pro Wrestling Iowa all return for another

    Electronic Media Crossover #4: International Podcast Day 2016
    International Podcast Day 2016! We chat about Podcasting, the importance of podcasts, our best stories since podcasting, podcast influences…. you know…. Podcast stuff. Also, Wrestling.

    Electronic Media Crossover #3: Roman Pod & Cast, Buds Beers & Brutality, Pro Wrestling Iowa & Grawlix Podcast
    Welcome to another network crossover episode! This time we are joined by Chris of Buds, Beers, and Brutality and Robert of Roman Pod and Cast

    Electronic Media Crossover #2: Mockers Podcast, Pro Wrestling Iowa, Technology Geek, Turning Cart Wheels & Grawlix Podcast
    On this Crossover special the focus is on all the movie trailers and news to come out of San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

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