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The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast

Episode 011: Change Will Do You Good

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast

The Turing Cart Wheels Podcast

Episode 11: Change Will Do You Good

Get it? Change?In this Solo Format Show I discuss:


  • types of change.
  • different ways to deal with change
  • thoughts about “acceptance”
  • Attachment to our emotions

Contained in this week’s show are some thoughts that I stumbled upon both through reading and through my own musing on the topic.

So disclaimer: I am not a psychologist nor am I a counselor so if you find yourself having a hard time dealing with change please consider the many options available in the form of support groups or even therapy.

I also mention:

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011 Fear

I am now USING my instagram Username: kieferjesse https://www.instagram.com/kieferjesse/

I am now on Snapchat: Username: lazerkiefer


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Let us know, what do you do to keep your work fun or what is the work that you put into your fun? Let us know and I’ll read or respond to you here on the show.

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