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The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast

Episode 012: Social Media – Reach

The Turing Cart Wheels Podcast

Episode 12: Social Media – Reach

256px-Venn_diagram_colouredIn this Solo Format Show I discuss:


  • Updating the mission statement of the podcast
  • Social Media
  • The reach of Private Social Media settings
  • The Reach of PUBLIC Social Media Settings
  • and why any of that matters

Contained in this week’s show are some thoughts that I stumbled upon both through reading and through my own musing on the topic.

So disclaimer: I am not a sociologist, an anthropologist, or even a statistician.

I also mention:

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Let us know, what do you do to keep your work fun or what is the work that you put into your fun? Let us know and I’ll read or respond to you here on the show.

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