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A podcast that recasts 1960's television shows.

Latest Episode: Episode 10 The Beverly Hillbillies

The Tenth Episode of The 60’s Reboot PODCAST The Beverly Hillbillies Jasper from the Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast stops into the 60’s reboot parlor to

    • Episode 9 A Commercial Break Part 1
      Our first ever Commercial Break! The 60's were chuck full of ad campaigns and marketing tricks. To that end we just had to take a
    • Episode 8 I Dream of Jeannie
      The Eighth Episode of The 60's Reboot PODCAST I Dream of Jeannie Returning from the EMC Podcast network's very own Grawlix Podcast; and producer of
    • Episode 7 Bonanza
      Episode 7 Bonanza
      Murray and Matt sit down to discuss a very one sided conversation about Lorne Greene and the cast of characters for the second longest running Western TV show.
      WE'VE MOVED AND WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME We are now exclusive to the Electronic Media Collective. The furniture is all moved in and our
    • Episode 6 The Green Hornet
      Episode 6 The Green Hornet
      The 60s Reboot Podcast is joined by Jesse of The Grawlix Podcast to discuss Bruce Lee and the classic Green Hornet TV series before pitching their ideas for a Green Hornet reboot.
    • Episode 5 Gilligan’s Island
      Episode 5 Gilligan's Island
      We take a look at the classic sitcom Gilligan's Island starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Tina Louise, and the Rest.

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