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The Amazing Spider-Man

On this classic cut from the crypt, Goat is joined by Trev and special bonus guest Byrd to battle it out over the controversial reboot The Amazing Spider-Man!

A Blue Hope – Grawlix Nights

The Snyder Cut is real! What!? We also talk about the state of the entertainment industry, what we’ve been watching, and more.

Book Vs Movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”

The Margos attempt to decipher one of the most lauded (and examined) films of the 20th century–2001: A Space Odyssey that is the combined effort of two geniuses–Arthur C. Clarke and Stanely Kubrick.

BMW 318 – Life Lessons

Cory learns dinosaurs make the best teachers.
Stephen learns he’s essential.
Kyle learns to hoard toilet paper.

Time Travel: Tribbles

ReTrek looks at ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ and ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’.