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Episode 10 The Beverly Hillbillies

60s Reboot

The Tenth Episode of The 60’s Reboot PODCAST

The Beverly Hillbillies

Jasper from the Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast stops into the 60’s reboot parlor to sit a spell on this months Episode.   The two Yokels, Matt D. and Jasper, discuss all things Hillbilly as they review and recast the Classic 60’s Television series The Beverly Hillbillies. 

Starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Max Baer Jr, and Donna Douglas

Jasper and Matt discuss cement pools, movie stars, Granny’s shotgun, and the benefits of a 6th grade education.  They review and recast some of our favorite characters from this Classic 60’s comedy. They then come up with an alternate modern take for the series if it was launched for today’s audience.  Spoiler alert, Windmill cancer?! 

So grab your jug of moonshine, kick your shoes off and enjoy this episode of the 60’s Reboot Podcast.


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Twitter: @KoransoMedia

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Grawlix Podcast Halloween Episode from 2018

Grawlix Cinematic Universe Podcast a.k.a. the GCU

You all come back now, ya hear. 

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