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Episode 13 Mr. ED

The Thirteenth Episode of The 60’s Reboot PODCAST

Mr. ED

Our Good Friend of the show Jerry the Gnome stops into Downs Studio to discuss a horse of course.  That famous equestrian Mr. ED. 

Matt and Jerry talk about the campiness of 60’s TV.  They go off on various tangents and we learn a little more of the Magical Kingdom and Unicorns.   Jerry also gets a little political and reminds people to Rock the Vote to keep us from having Genetically Modified Horses in our backyards. 

Mr Ed stars Alan Young, Connie Hines, Allan Lane, and Bamboo Harvester 

So sit back and enjoy our trail ride of this 60’s TV show  Reboot and Review.

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Discussed in this episode...

Mister Ed Poster
Mister Ed
Wilbur Post and his wife Carol move into a beautiful new home. When Wilbur takes a look in his new barn, he finds that the former owner left his horse behind. This horse is no ordinary horse . . . he can talk, but only to Wilbur, which leads to all sorts of misadventures for Wilbur and his trouble-making sidekick Mister Ed.

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