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Episode 25 – Biff Bam Boom Holey Commentary Batman

60s Reboot

The Twenty Fifth Episode of 60’s Reboot Podcast

Exploding Sharks? 

It’s our first commentary episode where Randal Silvey from the Grawlix podcast returns to comment on the classic 1960’s movie The Batman.   Starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

We try our hand at making our own version of special commentators track to one of our favorite 1960’s movies.  So listen to the sync time of 3,2,1 go  in the episode.  Matt and Randal have a fun time poking holes in the story as well as mention some interesting facts about the production of the film and TV series for Batman. 

Believe it our not there is also a body count in this film.  Plus Matt and Randal mention what it would be like to have a sequel to this movie starring Aquaman. 

So sit back, grab yourself a plate of fried calamari and listen to Matt and Randal talk all things Bat.     

Interested in hearing  more from Randal, Then go check out his website.

Grawlixpodcast.com or the Facebook Group Grawlix Podcast

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