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Episode 6 The Green Hornet

60s Reboot


The Sixth Episode of The 60’s Reboot PODCAST


The Green Hornet


Springing from the EMC Podcast network’s very own Grawlix Podcast; and Kicking his way across the Midwest.   The 60’s Reboot Podcast welcomes Jesse Kiefer on this month’s Episode. Where we take a look at the Classic Action Show The Green Hornet.

Starring Van Williams & Bruce Lee

Jesse and Matt walk down memory lane about Bruce Lee and his Fists of Fury.  They both make their picks for a modern cast for the Iconic Noir Crimefighters.  Followed by a quick pitch for a modern retelling of the 60’s TV show.

So sit back and enjoy our Roundhouse Reboot and Review.

Where to find Jesse:

Twitter: @jessekiefer
Websites: jessekiefer.com , http://tankmonkeycomic.com/

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Grawlix Podcast
Grawlix Lunch Box Live, Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1 pm CST

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