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A podcast that recasts 1960's television shows.

Episode 9 A Commercial Break Part 1

Our first ever Commercial Break! The 60’s were chuck full of ad campaigns and marketing tricks. To that end we just had to take a look at a couple of products that hit the airwaves back in the 1960s. So, one Friday night Matt D. found a Moose in the Downs Studio, and started talking to his guest. MOOSE from Moose’s Monster Mash podcast and Moose’s wood burnings. The two of them discussed two products, COLT 45 Malt Liquor and Pop Tarts. So warm up the toaster and kick back a cold one for this 60’s Reboot episode of A Commercial Break.

Matt and Moose look at two ad campaigns of these two classic products that got there start in the early 60’s and managed to continues to create products today.


Where to find Moose. Moose’s Marvelous Woodburnings on facebook for everything art and podcast and Moose’s Monster Mash Podcast.


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