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Short Stories Episodes

  • 182 The Floor Above by M.L. Humphreys
    A man who receives a letter from a friend pleading him to come visit he is in need of help. When arrives at his friends house , things get creepy. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved. 
  • 181 The Primal City by Clark Ashton Smith
    Two men who set off to find a forbidden city and what they find is not what they anticipated. Be sure to make your travel plans carefully. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved.
  • 180 Free Dirt by Eric J Guignard
    The story of murder and haunted dirt. You’ll never look at a cemetary the same way again.  Read by Robert Crandall. All rights reserved.  About 30 minutes
  • 179 In The Vault by H.P. Lovecraft
    In this episode. My 3 days in the hospital I see an image of an ominous face in the image of my heart during an ultra sound procedure,  and a story of a careless undertaker who locks himself in a tomb. Why not invite a friend to listen with you. Read b…
  • 178 The Upper Berth by Francis Marion Crawford
    In this story a ghost haunts a cruise ship, and very strange unexplainable events occur. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved.
  • 177 Dead & Breakfast by Tim Chizmar
    Our feature story for this episode was written by a living author by the name of Tim Chizmar who I met not to long ago. He is a 2 time amazon best seller ,  his writings have appeared in a Bram Stoker award winning book. His current book is titled Mode…
  • 176 The Disinterment by Duane W. Rimal and H.P. Lovecraft
    In this story a man comes down with Leprosy and seeks the help of a friend who is Doctor. But instead of trying to cure him, the Doctor has other plans. Plus a Listener nightmare. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved
  • 175 The Avenging Phonograph by E.R. Punshon
     A man commits murder and is haunted with guilt that drives him mad, the way he deals with it is very strange. Plus a listener nightmare. Had a nightmare lately send it to Myhorribledream@gmail.com. Invite a friend and stay well. Read by Robert Crandal…
  • 174 Smee by A.M. Burrage
    In our feature story a game is played at a Christmas Party and things get very strange. Invite a friend. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved. 
  • 173 The Return by Algernon Blackwood
    In this story two men make a promise , that who ever dies first will come back  and very strange things happen. Read by Robert Crandall.  All Rights Reserved