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    Book Vs Movie “Think Like a Man”
    The Margos are trying their first self-help book, Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Lady. Act Like a Man (2009).

    Book Vs Movie “The Wizard of Oz” (Replay) 80th Anniversary Celebration
    The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary replay! The Margos follow the yellow brick road and my, have their been some changes between the book and movie!

    Book Vs Movie “The Iron Giant” 20th Anniversary Celebration
    In honor of the 20th Anniversary release of The Iron Giant, the Margos decided to take a look back at the now cult-classic movie and get the details about the author of the 1968 children’s book it is based on–Ted Hughes. 

    Book Vs Movie “I, Robot” (Replay) 15th Anniversary Special Ep.
    Book Vs Movie (Replay) “I, Robot” 15th Anniversary Special (Movie) Isaac Asimov Classic Short Stories Vs Will Smith Blockbuster.

    Book Vs Movie “Blade Runner” Replay (RIP Rutger Hauer)
    The Margos take on the Sci-Fi classic “Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott based on the Phillip K. Dick novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” because the nerds demanded it of us!

    Book Vs Movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s Book Vs Movie. A return to Truman Capote & the classic film he detested.

    Book Vs Movie: “Ready Player One” (Replay)
    Book Vs Movie (Replay) “Ready Player One” The Margos Put on Their Game-Faces in This Hyper 80s Episode.

    Book Vs Movie “The Commitments”
    Book Vs Movie  The Commitments The First of Roddy Doyle’s “The Barrytown” Trilogy Starts Off on a Rockin’ Beat.

    Book Vs Movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” (Replay)
    Book Vs Movie (Replay) “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Wait, it was based on a book?

    Book Vs Movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley”
    The Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 Novel Vs. the Anthony Minghella 1999 Film.

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