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Book Vs Movie Podcast Episodes

  • Book Vs Movie: The Phantom Of the Opera (2004)
    Book Vs. Movie “Musicals in March” The 1911 Novel The Phantom of the Opera Vs the 2004 Joel Schumacher FilmThe Margos close out “Musicals in March” with one of the most popular musicals of all time–The Phantom of the Opera. Originally created in 1911 …
  • Book Vs Movie “Carmen Jones” (1954) Harry Belafonte & Dorothy Dandridge
    Book Vs. Movie “Musicals in March” The 1845 Novella Carmen Vs the 1954 Carmen Jones filmWe are continuing our month of musicals with the classic tale of Carmen which began as a novella by French writer Prosper Merimee and was first adapted as an opera….
  • Book Vs Movie “Chicago” (2002)
    Book Vs. Movie “Musicals in March” The 1926 Play Chicago Vs the 2000 Filmed AdaptationOur second pick this month for “Musicals in March” is Chicago which has a rich history in two important cities–Chicago and New York City. The original play was base…
  • Book Vs Movie “Oklahoma!” (1955)
    Book Vs. Movie – The 1931 Play Green Grow the Lilacs Vs the 1955 Musical Oklahoma!
  • Book Vs Movie “Something the Lord Made” (2004)
    Book Vs. Movie Something the Lord MadeThe 1989 Washingtonian Article Vs the 2004 HBO Movie The Margos learn part of the history of heart surgery starting with Katie McCabe’s 1989 article Like Something the Lord Made from Washingtonian magazine which fe…
  • Book Vs Movie “Devil in a Blue Dress” (1995)
    Book Vs. Movie Devil in a Blue DressWalter Mosely’s 1990 Novel Vs the 1995 Denzel Washington FilmIn continuation of African American History Month, the Margos are taking on an old-fashioned mystery with Devil in a Blue Dress, which started as a novel b…
  • Book Vs Movie “The Butler” (2013)
    Book Vs. Movie The ButlerThe 2008 Washington Post Article Vs the 2013 Lee Daniels FilmThe Margos go into the history of Eugene Allen, a waiter, and butler who worked for the White House for 34 years before retiring in 1986. Allen severed for several Pr…
  • “Passing” (2021) Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga
    Book Vs. Movie Passing, Nella Larsen’s 1929 Novella Vs the 2021 Rebecca Hall Film.
  • “Sabrina” (1954 & 1995)
    Book Vs. Movie Sabrina Fair The 1953 Play Vs the 1954 & 1995 Movie Adaptations (Sabrina)  The Margos are feeling romance a little early this year so we are diving into the play Sabrina Fair which was the basis for two Sabrina movies. Written by Samuel…
  • Book Vs Movie “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (2016) Taika Waititi & Sam Neill
    Book Vs. Movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople Barry Crump’s 1986 Novella Vs the Taika Waititi 2016 Film The Margos search for their inner Kiwi in this examination of one of the most creators from New Zealand–writer Barry Crump and filmmaker Taika Waititi….