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Book Vs Movie Podcast Episodes

  • Book Vs Movie “Hidden Figures” Replay
    Book Vs Movie Podcast discuss Margot Lee Shetterley’s “Hidden Figures”.
  • Book Vs Movie “Mudbound”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast: Mudbound The Hillary Jordan Novel Vs The Dee Rees Film
  • Book Vs Movie “Postcards From the Edge” (REPLAY)
    Postcards From the Edge. It’s an all-out Carrie Fisher love fest talking about her 1987 first novel and the 1990 movie she herself adapted.
  • Book Vs Movie “Girl Interrupted”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast  “Girl Interrupted” The 1993 Susanna Kaysen Novel Vs. The 1999 Winona Ryder-Produced Movie.
  • Book Vs Movie “Gerald’s Game”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast Stephen King Bonus Mini Ep “Gerald’s Game” The 1992 Novel Vs. The 2017 Netflix Adaptation.
  • Book Vs Movie “The Cider House Rules”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast “The Cider House Rules” The 1985 John Irving Novel Vs. The 1999 Miramax Adaptation   Finally! The Margos have been asked to cover John Irving ‘s The Cider House Rules many times so we decided to tackle it during the coldest wint…
  • Book Vs Movie “Auntie Mame” Replay
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast “Auntie Mame” The 1955 Patrick Dennis Novel Vs. The Rosalind Russell Classic Film   The Margos decided to celebrate the holiday season by honoring  the most joyful book/movie they have covered yet–“Auntie Mame!” They compare an…
  • Book Vs Movie Podcast “A Christmas Carol”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens the 2009 Jim Carey Animated Movie The Margos continue their holiday celebrations with the all-time classic “A Christmas Carol”  by Charles Dickens. There have been hundreds of adaptations …
  • Book Vs Movie Podcast (Replay) “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
    Book Vs. Movie Podcast “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss The 1957 Children’s Classic Vs. The 1966 TV special & the 2000 Ron Howard-directed Film   The Margos get into the holiday spirit talking about the all-time holiday favorite “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss. In this episode, we explore the differences between 1957 children’s classic ...
  • Book Vs Movie Podcast “The Exorcist”
      Book Vs Movie Podcast “The Exorcist” The Margos get a little spooky before the holiday season with the 1971 novel The Exorcist written by the very interesting William Peter Blatty.  Based on a true-ish story about a boy possessed by a demon in the 1950s Blatty changed some of the key details to create this ...