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Book Vs Movie Podcast

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    Book Vs Movie Podcast Episodes

    Book Vs Movie “Harper Valley PTA” (1978) Jeannie C. Reilly & Barbara Eden
    Book Vs Movie: “Harper Valley PTA” The 1968 Song Vs the 1978 Movie (really!) Ever since the pandemic began, we decided to create a new show each week (rather than biweekly which has been our habit for over six years now) the sources of adaptations hav…

    Book Vs Movie “Arrival” (2016) Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner
    Book Vs Movie: “Arrival” The Ted Chiang Novella Vs the Amy Adams Film.

    “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008) Brad Pitt David Fincher
    “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” The F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Vs the David Fincher Movie.

    Book Vs Movie “Being There” (1980) Peter Sellers
    Book Vs Movie: “Being There” The 1970 Satirical Novel Vs the 1979 Classic Film.

    Book Vs Movie “Love Story” (1970) Ryan O’Neal & Ali MacGraw
    Book Vs Movie: “Love Story” The 1970 Novel & Film Explores Love, Loss, and the Use of the Word “Sorry” Since we have just been added to the amazing lineup shows that are a part of the Frolic Podcast Network, the Margos thought it was time to cover a c…

    Book Vs Movie “Father of the Bride” (1950 & 1991)
    Book Vs Movie: “Father of the Bride” The 1949 Novel Vs the 1950 Elizabeth Taylor Classic  (Okay, we mention the 90s remake as well!)

    Book Vs Movie “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (1976) Nicolas Roeg & David Bowie
    Book Vs Movie: “The Man Who Fell to Earth” Our first Walter Tevis novel & the cult David Bowie Film Author Walter Tevis created some of the most interesting and unique protagonists in fiction including Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit and Eddie Felso…

    Book Vs Movie “The Women” (1939) Joan Crawford & Rosalind Russell
    Book Vs Movie: “The Women” The Clare Booth Luce Vs. the 1939 George Cukor Film (Plus, the 2001 Broadway Revival!) In 1936, the Clare Booth Luce play The Women debuted on Broadway to rave reviews and packed audiences which featured 45 speaking parts fo…

    Book Vs Movie: “Cabaret” (1972) Directed by Bob Fosse
    Book Vs Movie: “Cabaret” The Backstory Behind One of the Most Popular Musicals of All Time.

    Book Vs Movie “West Side Story” (1961) “Romeo and Juliet”
    Book Vs Movie: “West Side Story” Vs “Romeo and Juliet” The Shakespeare Classic & the 1961 Musical.

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