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Black Klansman (2018) Spike Lee, John David Washington, Adam Driver & Ron Stallworth

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Book Vs. Movie:
The True Story Ron Stallworth

The Margos visit the world of nonfiction with the too-nutty-to-not-be-true story of retired police officer Ron Stallworth who in the late 1970s infiltrated the Kuy Klux Klan in Colorado Springs, Colorado. On his journey, he met racists throughout the region who were not precisely clever but had designs of terrorizing nonwhites and Jewish people. After his assignment, he transferred to work at the Utah Department of Safety–never speaking about the job until after retirement.

His 2014 book Black Klansman: A Memoir explains how and why he joined the Colorado “Organization” and how it felt to be the only person of color on the police force. We also learn how the KKK planned to bomb gay bars and cross-burnings throughout Colorado Springs. During his recruitment process, Stallworth spoke with the Grand Wizard, David Duke, and even took a photo with the noted racist creep.

Director & screenwriter Spike Lee and producer Jordan Peele adapted the memoir into a 2018 film starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, and Topher Grace that won wide praise was a box office hit and earned Lee an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is a case of taking real life and creating an audacious and funny story.
Between the memoir and the adaptation, which did we prefer? Have a listen to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss:

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