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Book Vs. Movie Podcast “Postcards from the Edge”

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie Podcast “Postcards From the Edge”

It’s an all-out Carrie Fisher love fest talking about her 1987 first novel and the 1990 movie she herself adapted



The Margos are brokenhearted about the loss of both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds and dropped everything to bring this ep in a timely manner. In this show they discuss:

  • The interesting background of Carrie and her relationship with her famous mother. 
  • How she switched from her acting career to focus on writing hit novels and some of the funniest screenplays you never knew she helped out with her rapier wit. 
  • The differences between the novel and the film
  • The pairing of Meryl Street and Shirley MacLaine
  • How the topic of drugs is handled between the book and film
  • The fabulous singing by the leads
  • Fisher Stevens’ career & documentary
  • How much we will miss them!

Audio clips:

  • Carrie Fishers reads from Postcards from the Edge
  • Shirley MacLanie and Meryl Streep scene “It twirled!!!”
  • Shirley MacLaine sings I’m Still Here
  • Meryl Streep sings “I’m Checkin’ Out

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