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Book Vs Movie “The Iron Giant” 20th Anniversary Celebration

Book Vs Movie

The Iron Giant

The 1968 Science Fiction Novel Vs the 1999 Cult Classic Film

In honor of the 20th Anniversary release of The Iron Giant, the Margos decided to take a look back at the now cult-classic movie and get the details about the author of the 1968 children’s book it is based on–Ted Hughes.

The story revolves around an “Iron Man” who arrives at a small village and seems to exist on farm equipment scarps of metal. He scares the humans enough to trap him and leave him buried “alive.” Soon enough, a dragon moves to earth and demands that mankind provide him with food.

The Iron Man eventually challenges the dragon to a contest of strength.

Author Hughes (who has a rather complicated past starting with his relationship with poet Sylvia Plath) was a strong proponent for peace and the message of The Iron Man  (the original title for the book) has been popular around the world for decades now.

In 1999, director Brad Bird was at the helm of the critically praised film which did not exactly set the box office on fire at the time but is now considered a classic.

So between the novel and the movie–which did we like better? Click the link at the bottom to find out.

In this ep the Margos discuss:

Clips Featured:

  • The Iron Giant  trailer
  • Kent Masley and Marv Loach (James Gammon) have a chat
  • The Iron Giant saves the town
  • Outro music by Michael Kamen

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