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The Bishops Wife (1947) Cary Grant, Loretta Young, & David Niven (Replay 2021)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie: The Bishop’s Wife

The 1928 novel by Robert Nathan Vs. the 1947 Classic Cary Grant Film

It’s December at Book Vs. Movie, and we are excited about covering holiday-themed films, including this selection–The Bishop’s Wife. The original novella was written by Robert Nathan in 1928 and is the story of a preacher, Henry Boughman, who dreams of building a huge cathedral at the expense of his relationship with his wife, Julia. 

An angel, Michael, appears to help Henry and his family learn that family & love is more important than status. In the meantime, Michael Falls in love with Julia and is distraught to hear they can never have a “mortal love.” Julia decides to try for another baby to fulfill her needs. 

The book is an exploration of faith with vivid conversations between the preacher and a Jewish businessman and Professor Wutheridge, who both wish to find out the source of why he is so single-focused on religious expression. 

The movie features child actors from the recently released It’s a Wonderful Life. It took some liberties from the book and focused more on the possible romance of Julia and “Dudley” (Cary Grant in a typically amazing performance).” The film was directed by Henry Koster and stars David Niven and Loretta Young. 

So, which did we prefer between the original story and the movie? 

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Her childhood was incredibly lonely, and she is very shy about romance until she meets her best friend’s brother, Jacob Scott. Jacob is a workaholic with no time for relationships, but he crushes hard for Aiden and wonders how to get her attention. Jacob has his demons to conquer as he begins to share his dreams with Gaia literally.

Can they find love while uncovering personal hard truths? 

The story takes place in modern-day Cape Town, South Africa, and you can follow her on ThereseBeharrie.com. Follow the hashtag #OwnVoices Rom-Com to learn about Therese and other romance authors of color. 

In this ep the Margos discuss:

The life of writer Robert Nathan and his famous relatives
The theme of religious devotion in the early 20th Century in the U.S. 
The main differences between the novella & film. 
Starring: David Niven (Bishop Henry Brougham,) Loretta Young (Julia,) Cary Grant (Dudley,) Monty Woolley (Professor Wutheridge,) James Gleason (Sylvester,) Gladys Cooper (Mrs. Agnes Hamilton,) Elsa Lanchester (Matilda,) Sarah Haden (Mrs. Duffy,) Karolyn Grimes (Debby,) and Robert J. Anderson. 

Clips used:

Cary Grant meets Debby
The Bishop’s Wife  trailer
The kids play snowball
Dudley flirts with Julia
Preacher Henry gives a sermon
Music by The Robert Mitchell Boys Choir 

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