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Valley Girl (1983)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Book Vs. Movie:
Valley GirlsThe Frank & Moon Zappa Song Vs. the 1983 Classic Film

We know that Frank Zappa did not authorize using the song Valley Girl (co-written with his 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit in 1982.) But we had to cover this movie because if there was ever a song that influenced the culture of the early 80s –this was it.

Moon Zappa is the oldest child of the late Frank Zappa, and after spending most of her childhood waiting for her dad to make time for her, she reached out to him with his favorite love language–snarky lyrics. Using expressions from her peers in the San Fernando Valley–the Zappas created a song that lampoons the white bread, snotty culture of “Vals.”

The fact it became a hit song (and Frank’s only Top 40 single) shocked everyone involved.
The producers of the 1983 film tried to get Frank to sign the rights but only with the overall approval of the script and music. The film, directed by Martha Coolidge and starring Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman, became a classic teen film that must have stung Frank, who sued the producers as Valley 9000 and lost.

So what are the main differences between the song and the film? Which version did the Margos like better? Have a listen and find out!

This episode is sponsored by Baker Publishing Group, With Every Memory by author Janine Rosche:
“At its heart, With Every Memory is the story of what happens when an already-broken family loses the one person holding them together. Lori Mendenhall returns home to a family she barely recognizes after the same car accident that killed her son stole the last eight years of memories from her. Lori’s once-loving husband is a stoic workaholic with questionable intentions, and her teenage daughter has been chewed up and spit out by the world following the loss of her twin brother. As Lori’s good and bad memories resurface, she must decide whether the family she’s returned to is beyond hope. “

In this ep the Margos discuss:

  • The effect Valley Girl (the song) had on teens at the time
  • The surprising old-fashioned love story (based lightly on Romeo & Juliet)
  • The outstanding soundtrack
  • The cast of the 1983 film: Nicolas Cage (Randy,) Deborah Foreman (Julie,) Elizabeth Daily (Loryn,) Michael Bowen (Tommy,) Cameron Dye (Fred,) Heid Holicker (Stacey,) Michelle Meyrink (Suzi,) Lee Purcell (Beth,) Richard Sanders (Driver’s Ed teacher,) Colleen Camp (Sarah Richman,) and Frederic Forrest as Steve Richman.

Clips used:

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