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Just Bullspit with Moose

    Most recent episode posted 3 weeks ago.

    Just Bullspit with Moose Episodes

    Ringside Recap: Wrestle Daddy Mania. ”Who‘s Your Wrestle Daddy?!”
    PWP Live and Infusion Brewing company teamed up for this one night spectacular to roll out the NEW Wrestle Daddy Hazy IPA, and we were ringside to cover all the action.  Manford Zablinsnky recovered the PWP Championship from OMAHA’s Wrestle Daddy, Pat …

    Ringside Recap: PWP Live Presents: WRESTLEVANIA
    It’s that special time of year again, when Omaha’s Longest running wrestling promotion,  PWP Live lets their demons run loose. That’s right it’s time for Wrestlevania! It was a huge night for our superstars, as we had 4 qualifying matches for a fatal f…

    There Is Only One, Elizabeth Gracen
    That’s right moose pack, we enter the game once again, this time with the lovely, , and beautiful Elizabeth Gracen, who played the spontaneous and adventurous Amanda in Highlander and Highlander: The Raven.  We talk about her rise from the pageant circ…

    Ringside Recap: WrestleRama 09/09/2021
    The fallout from Battle of the Phoenix comes to a head at WrestleRama!!! Pat Powers is ready to cash in on being the new number one contender for the PWP Championship, but Legal Liaison, Manford Zablinsky has other plans. Triple threat match for the PW…

    Ringside Recap: PWP Battle of the Phoenix
    Did Moonshine beat Brett Bishop? Do we have new PWP Tag Team Champions? Who fought and clawed through 19 other men to become the new number 1 contender for the PWP Championship. Tune in and find out.

    Storyboard artist, Keith Tucker!!!!
    This guest has been part of nearly everyone’s childhood. Having worked on shows such as Masters of the Universe, to Animaniacs, Keith has worked with companies like; Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, and Marvel.

    Ringside Recap: Pat Powers Patriotic Palooza
    Pat Powers hosted a Patriotic bash that gave us Title Matches, Open Challenges, Surprise returns, and much more non stop action.  Purple gets to sing uninterrupted, before issuing an open challenge to the crowd. Con Artiest is met with a haunting video…

    Straight From Dimension X: Pat Fraley!
    Joining me fresh from Dimension X, the voice of Krang himself, Mr. Pat Fraley! In this episode we cover how his career began at age 4 and journey to his teaching days.

    Ringside Recap: The Brett Bishop Show Takes Over WrestleRama
    Open Challenges, Title Matches, Betrayals and a body bag Match!!!  This is just a glance at the excitement covered in this episode, as we recap the first WrestleRama of Brett Bishop’s PWP Title Reign. The Brett Bishop Show was in full effect from the s…

    Real Talk: with Us & Gus
    This one is a little outside the norm for the show, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had.  I sat down with the Facebook Duo Us & Gus, a newly formed friendship in the wake of yet another far too common racist event.  We talk about their friends…

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