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Just Bullspit with Moose

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    Just Bullspit with Moose Episodes

    Real Talk: with Us & Gus
    This one is a little outside the norm for the show, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had.  I sat down with the Facebook Duo Us & Gus, a newly formed friendship in the wake of yet another far too common racist event.  We talk about their friends…

    The Lost Secret Of The Shredder, with Francois Chau
    Francois Chau of Lost and TMNT fame joins me on this all new episode of Bullspit with Moose. We talk about him getting his start on G.I. Joe, working on the global hit Lost, landing his dream role as Walter on the Tick, and of course what it was like p…

    Bullspit on Location at the PWP 16th Anniversary Spectacular
    Moose is joined by Mikey Taylor to provide ringside commentary as well as conduct interviews throughout PWP Wrestling’s 16th anniversary event.

    Back To The Future, by Way of the Past with Jeffery Weissman
    Back from the Future, Jeffery Weissman joins me to talk about his career in acting. From being a childhood ham to being blacklisted in the aftermath of taking the most controversial role in his career, the role of George McFly in BTTF II.

    It’s Ya Boi, Beast Boy! Greg Cipes
    Booyakasha!!! Actor extraordinaire Greg Cipes joins me for this ll new Bullspit sesion. Join in as we talk about his Zen Master lifestyle, and the birth of one of the most popular voices in toons today. That’s right we talk the Creation of Beast Boy, w…

    PWP Wrestling: The Road To The 16th Anniversary Spectacular
    The Road To The PWP 16th Anniversary Spectacular at the Waiting Room Lounge is officially underway. Hear from the Wrestlers involved in some of the key matches like PWP Rising Phoenix Champ Jack Darling, PWP Champ Con Artiste, and more.

    Lights, Camera, Action!!! with Adrian Paul, The Highlander
    There is only one Adrian Paul, and he joins us to talk about his upcoming virtual convention, his charity, The Peace Fund, technology, and of course Highlander.

    Lion King to Roger Rabbit: An Animation Chat with Tom Sito
    I sit down with animation legend and author Tom Sito, in this all new episode of Bullspit with Moose. Why does this name sound familiar you ask, well because he has worked on titles like Masters of the Universe, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and t…

    Nikole Mitchell: I Sell Happiness, Not Sex
    “You are going to lead more people to God by taking off your clothes, than by keeping them on”

    If this quote seems confusing, than this is the episode for you. Joined by guest Nikole Mitchell, we dig deeper into her journey from a Pastor of the Chris…

    Who’s the Boss and Much More with Bob Rosenfarb
    In this episode, I sit down with writer/producer Bob Rosenfarb.  We go in-depth into his history working on shows like Who’s the Boss?, Golden Girls, Archie Bunker’s Place, and Step by Step.

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