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Just Bullspit with Moose

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    Most recent episode posted 1 week ago.

    Just Bullspit with Moose Episodes

    Thundercats!!! HOOOO! sit down with Larry Kenney (lord Lion-O)
    Larry Kenney, voice of Lion-O from Thundercats and Bluegrass from Silverhawks, talks about what it was like voicing each of his characters.

    H’Yo Joe!!! an interview with Neil Ross from G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Voltron
    Interview with voice artist Neil Ross discussing his many many roles throughout his career, including G.I Joe, Transformers, and Voltron.

    Episode 1: What is Grand Comic Con? with Doug Holmes
    Moose talks to Doug Holmes from Grand Comic Con in Grand Island, NE to find out what it is and makes it tick.

    Just Bullspit with Moose
    Moose interviews interesting people he meets through his travels as an art vendor running the convention circuit. The guest and Moose kick back and shoot the bull about life and everything else. You never know who will be on the show but rest assured, it’s fun, its relaxed, it’s just a pile of Bullspit.

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