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Just Bullspit with Moose

    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    Just Bullspit with Moose Episodes

    Nikole Mitchell: I Sell Happiness, Not Sex
    “You are going to lead more people to God by taking off your clothes, than by keeping them on”

    If this quote seems confusing, than this is the episode for you. Joined by guest Nikole Mitchell, we dig deeper into her journey from a Pastor of the Chris…

    Who’s the Boss and Much More with Bob Rosenfarb
    In this episode, I sit down with writer/producer Bob Rosenfarb.  We go in-depth into his history working on shows like Who’s the Boss?, Golden Girls, Archie Bunker’s Place, and Step by Step.

    Release The Snyder Cut Special; with Sean O’Connell
    Moose talks with the author of the Release The Snyder Cut book, Sean O’Connell.

    Lookin Up with Ed Asner
    Tune in to my chat with the American Treasure Ed Asner.  We cover everything from his autobiography: Son of Junkman: My Life from the West Bottoms of Kansas City to the Bright Lights of Hollywood   to his role as Carl in UP! and everything in between. …

    Larry F. Houston part 2:The life times and mutants
    The thrilling conclusion of the 2 part series with the Legendary Larry F. Houston. In this episode we focus on what everyone wants to hear about…….The X-Men and the first televised appearance of Black Panther.

    The Legendary Larry F. Houston, Part 1
    Interview with the first African American Saturday Morning Storyboard Artist and 2018 Ink Pot Winner, Larry F. Houston!

    “For my Dad”: A friendly chat with Country Music Legend, Mr. Leroy Van Dyke
    I sit down with Country music legend, and Hall of Fame Auctioneer Leroy Van Dyke.  We talk about his musical influences, the story  behind The Auctioneer, and what started him in music.  I also share with him the personal impact he and his music has ha…

    Getting in toon with Tad Stones
    Hear from animator, producer, and wearer of many hats, Tad Stones, as we journey through his legendary career. From working with Don Bluth, Darkwing Duck and the Disney afternoon to Hellboy the Animated Series.

    A Thanksgiving with Townsend Coleman
    Interview with Townsend Coleman.

    It’s Time for Animaniacs, with Randy Rogel
    Interview with Randy Rogel.

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