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Just Bullspit with Moose

    Most recent episode posted 2 days ago.

    Just Bullspit with Moose Episodes

    Donatello’s gettin nuttin for Christmas: Interview with Barry Gordon
    Interview with Barry Gordon

    Doug Stone from M.A.S.K and Metal Gear Solid
    Join me as I chat with the voice of Matt Trakker from M.A.S.K and Psycho Mantis from MGS, Mr. Doug Stone!

    Sandey Grinn: The man behind Bill Der Beaver
    A candid and heartfelt interview with special guest Sandey Grinn.  Sandey Talks about his career, from his start as a youngster to his time on Zoobilee Zoo.  Stick around after the end of the show for an emotional extra.

    Michael Bell ( Voice of Duke, QuackerJack, The Fear and Many More)
    Moose talks with actor Michael Bell, voice of Duke in G.I. Joe, QuackerJack in Darkwing Duck, The Fear in Metal Gear Solid, and more.

    Previously on X-men with Eric and Julia Lewald
    I sit down with Eric and Julia Lewald, who have worked on shows like; Exo-Squad, Robocop: Alpha Commando, X-men the animated series, and many more.

    David Kaye: How I Became Megatron, Optimus and Many More
    Interview with David Kaye, voice actor behind Megatron in Transformers Beast Wars, Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated, Lord Sesshomaru in Inuyasha, and more.

    A Sit Down With the Mayor. My Phone call with Ben Vereen!!
    Mr. Ben Vereen keeps me in stitches as we chat about his start in entertainment and journey through the road to success. Sit back, laugh, and enjoy as Mr. Vereen shares the stories of how he went from a kid in Brooklyn to a Broadway Star.

    Who Created Roger Rabbit? Down the Rabbit Hole with Gary K. Wolf
    Moose talks to author Gary K Wolf about his book “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” of which the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit was adapted from.

    “A Daring Adventure with Lookout Bear” or “My Time With Michael B. Moynahan”
    Join us on our adventure through the life and career of Michael B. Moynahan, probably best known for his portrayal of Lookout Bear on Zoobilee Zoo.

    A Wakka Wakka Walk Down Memory Lane with Greg Berg, the original animated Baby Fozzie
    A Wakka Wakka Walk Down Memory Lane with Greg Berg, the original animated Baby Fozzie.

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