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    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    Moose’s Monster Mash Episodes

    Moose talks Leprechaun movie with Matt from 60’s Reboot Podcast and Leprechaun fighter Jerry the Gnome
    Matt D and I talk about the 1993 classic, Leprechaun starring Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis.

    In Depth with Rob Mello
    Interview with Rob Mello of the Happy Death Day films.

    Story Time with Wyatt Weed part 2
    Join Wyatt and Moose for the thrilling conclusion of the two part interview. Learn what sets Wyatt’s film, Shadowland, apart from other vampire movies and what goes into making a movie.

    Story Time with Wyatt Weed part 1
    Moose is joined by filmmaker Wyatt Weed who has insider & behind the scenes stories about Predator 2, Star Trek the Next Generation, Guyver 1 & 2, Mission Impossible 2, and even Muppets in Space.

    A Black Christmas with the Grave Digger
    Moose talks 1974’s Black Christmas with The Grave Digger from Sinister Sidney and his counterpart Michael Ross.

    Special Episode #2: Pestering Hester
    What do Hobo Superheroes, The Swamp Thing, and the new body horror comic Family Tree, have in common?  These are just some of the gems from my conversation with comic book jack of all trades Phil Hester.  We sat down to talk about the new book Family T…

    Romero’s Reanimated and Remade part 2
    Moose returns with guest Randal of The Grawlix Podcast to talk about Dawn of the Dead, the Romero original film and the Zack Snyder remake.

    Romero’s Reanimated and Remade part 1
    They’re coming for you Barbara! They’re coming to get you! Moose is joined by Randal of Grawlix Podcast to discuss Night of the Living Dead, the original and remake films.

    Special Edition: Count Crowley with interviews from Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian
    Moose talks to Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian, creators of the new horror comic “Count Crowley”.

    Halloween: 2 Too Many?
    Moose is joined by Billy Peck from Daydream Instruction Manual to talk about the Halloween the movie franchise. Specifically, John Carpenter’s Halloween 1&2, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1&2, and the newest reboot/sequel.

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