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Moose's Monster Mash

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    Most recent episode posted 2 weeks ago.

    Moose’s Monster Mash Episodes

    Special Edition: Count Crowley with interviews from Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian
    Moose talks to Lukas Ketner and David Dastmalchian, creators of the new horror comic “Count Crowley”.

    Halloween: 2 Too Many?
    Moose is joined by Billy Peck from Daydream Instruction Manual to talk about the Halloween the movie franchise. Specifically, John Carpenter’s Halloween 1&2, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1&2, and the newest reboot/sequel.

    Moose’s Monster Mash Promo
    Promo for the new horror themed podcast Moose’s Monster Mash.

    Moose’s Monster Mash
    Horror fans chatting about horror movies.

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