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Moose's Monster Mash

    Most recent episode posted 4 weeks ago.

    Moose’s Monster Mash Episodes

    Day 13: Christmas with the Krampus! ( Sit down with Luke Hawker)
    Moose talks to Luke Hawker about his love of horror, his time on Lord of the Rings, working at Weta Workshop, and his time as the Anti-Claus Krampus.

    Day 12: Family Covenant with Amanda Peck
    Moose is joined by Amanda Peck from Red Casket Productions to talk about her horror film Family Covenant and more.

    Day 11: ZomBilly Takeover
    It’s day 11 of Moose’s 13 horror-fying days of Christmas and Moose loses control of his own show!! Billy “ZomBilly” Peck takes over the interview while in the interview.

    Day 10: Living the Dream with Justin Beahm
    For Moose’s 10th HORROR-fying day of Christmas he has a chat with Justin Beahm, who has worked with companies like Fangoria, Scream, Shout Factory, and many more!

    Day 9: A Psycho Cop with Robert Ray Shafer
    That’s right Horror hounds, for the ninth horror-fying day of Christmas we dig deep into the catacombs of horror and dig out Psycho Cop starring our guest Robert Ray Shafer.

    Day 8: Comics, Slashers, and Christmas oh my! With Robert Geronimo
    Moose talks with comic creator Robert Geronimo about slashers, Black Christmas, and his comics Wirehead & Blood Realm.

    Day 7: Judgement with Paul T. Taylor… Hellraiser
    Moose has such sights to show you as he talks with the star of Hellraiser: Judgement, Mr. Paul T. Taylor.

    Day 6: Moose the Movie
    We travel north to talk with Alaskan filmmaker Logan Dellinger about his Comedy Horror movie; Moose: The Movie.

    Day 5: It’s a Crazy Dreamworld with Mick Strawn
    Moose talks to Mick Strawn, art, production, and special effects designer whose credits include Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4, Blade, and many more.

    Day 4: Seize the Night with Emma Dark
    Moose talks with award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark.

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