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Ringside Recap: WrestleRama 09/09/2021

Just Bullspit with Moose

The fallout from Battle of the Phoenix comes to a head at WrestleRama!!! Pat Powers is ready to cash in on being the new number one contender for the PWP Championship, but Legal Liaison, Manford Zablinsky has other plans. Triple threat match for the PWP Tag Team Championships, goes all out and doesn’t disappoint. Who won? Did Pat take the PWP Championship? Was Moonshine in a baaaad mood? The answer to these questions and more,  are answered here,  just sit back and enjoy


Match start times:

Pat Powers match #1 7:55

Preston Maxwell vs, Kit Sackett 19:22

Xander McIntosh vs. Moonshine Russell 27:34

The Messengers vs. The Bang Gang vs. The Daniels Brothers PWP Tag Championship  39:43

Pat Powers match #2 54:52

Logan Ocean vs. El Bigote 1:9:15

Purple vs. Nino Hatchet 1:17:33

Pat Powers vs. Brett Bishop PWP Championship 1:25:27


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