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Ringside Recap: WrestleRama 2/17/2022

Just Bullspit with Moose

WrestleRama returned to the Waiting Room with a Vengeance!  Omar Pachecco defended the Rising Phoenix Championship against Joey Daniels. The self proclaimed “King of Karaoke” Purple, sought to avenge his tag partner’s loss last month to Willy Sweet. Xander, not to be outdone challenged Paul Daniels in singles competition. The Nebraska Pro Wrestling HOF was in attendance to announce not one but two inductees into the class of 2022. Congratulations to Chris Havius and Preston Maxwell on your upcoming inductions. Jack Russell took on the Messengers and Branden Juarez challenged Pat Powers for the PWP Championship. both matches ended a bit sketchy leading to a great 6 man next month. Another chapter was added to the saga between Duke Cornell and Preston Maxwell. The Night was capped off with a Midwest Massacre between Johnny Ruckus and Lars Metzger, bodies blood and carnage were everywhere!  get your tickets for the next event on March 10th! see you there



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