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The Doctor Squee Show

    Most recent episode posted 2 months ago.

    The Doctor Squee Show Episodes

    Ep27 – Outrageous Liars
    In a break from the usual interview format, Doctor Squee is a guest for the Outrageous Liars. A panel game hosted by Ed Fortune (Starburst Magazine), with panellist Sean Mason, Kate McCabe, Rebecca Derrick, and Doctor Squee.

    Ep26 – Fiona Angwin RIP (Recorded June 2019)
    We remember Fiona Angwin, with an interview from June 2019. Fiona was an author, singer, actor and one woman power house, who we were honoured to call friend.

    Ep25 – Halloween 2020: The Midnight Ghost Hunters
    For our first Halloween special, three real life ghost hunters came together with Squee to form the Midnight Ghost Hunters, recorded at midnight.

    Ep24 – Alexander Siddig
    Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: DS9, 24, Gotham, Game of Thrones) joins Squee to talk about his early years during a revolution, escaping to the UK, the changes to his character in Star Trek, reading fan fiction with the DS9 cast for his website, and more.

    Ep23 – The History of comics with Level Up Leroy
    In a break from our usual format, Level-Up Leroy schools Squee on the history of comics. How they started, how superhero comic’s began as Biblical allegories, the state of play with modern comics and how they might survive the Covid crisis.

    Ep22 – Katy Manning
    We are back series 2 of The Doctor Squee Show and we kick things off in style, with an interview with the 3rd Doctor, Doctor Who companion Katy Manning.

    Ep21 – Advice from the Stars
    Collection of all the advice Squee has received from the stars of the first Series of The Doctor Squee Show.

    Ep20 – Ian Whates
    This week’s guest is award winning author, editor, publisher and Arthur C Clarke award judge Ian Whates.

    Ep19 – Kenton Hall
    Actor, writer and musician Kenton Hall talks to Squee about being a creator and parent of twins whilst battling with bipolar disorder, surviving and escaping a cult he was in from birth, his debut film A Dozen Summers, his autobiography Bisection and the new Doctor Who charity book he edited and co-wrote Regenerations.

    Ep18 – Capt. Paul Watson. Founder of Sea Shepherd
    Founder of Sea Shepherd and co-founder of Greenpeace, Capt. Paul Watson talks to Squee about his start in conservation, taking action instead of protesting, not harming life whilst protecting it and why individuals are more important than who is in power politically.

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