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The Doctor Squee Show

    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    The Doctor Squee Show Episodes

    Ep67 – Sophie Aldred
    The Doctor Squee Show starts a new chapter on the new sound of South Wales, SW20 radio. Squee’s first guest on SW20 is Doctor Who’s Ace, Sophie Aldred.

    Ep66- John Challis from 2015 – Talking Codswallop – Matt Lees
    We say goodbye to the legend John Challis by listening to an interview Squee conducted with him in 2015. Then The Talking Codswallop Podcast catches up with Squee for a crossover and Matt Lees talks music, radio and the upcoming Squeef3st.
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    Ep65 – 2/9/21 -Joel Soisson / Al Galpin / The Bear’s Last ROAR
    Legendary Hollywood writer, director and producer Joel Soisson (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) chat’s with Squee about his life in film and his new movie “My Best Worst Adventure”. And station manager Al Galpin joins us to roar a fond farewell t…

    Ep64 – 26-8-21 Jeremy Roberts
    In this weeks Squee interviews actor Jeremy Roberts (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Voyager, DS9, Buffy) joins us to talk about his over 100 credits on IMDB. We also give more details on Squeef3st, our star studded live 24 hour broadcast.
    You …

    Ep63 – ReTrek on Star Trek at Comic Con at Home Panel / More Favourite Song Lyrics
    After we talk some more of your favourite song lyrics, we bring to you a recent episode of the ReTrek podcast where Squee joined in to talk about the Star Trek at Comic Con at Home panel.

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep62: -29/7/21- Galina Rin Death Ingloria – Your favourite Lyrics
    Death Ingloria’s Galina Rin joins Squee to talk about her new album Death by Admin and shares a couple of tracks with us and Nicola joins in for our Big Question of the Week: Your favourite Lyrics.
    You can catch the Doctor Squee radio show live with fu…

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep61- 22/7/21: Director Johnny Sweet / Loki / Black Widow / What cult would you start
    Emmy award winning Johnny Sweet talks about his new documentary “Last Call: The Shutdown of NYC Bars”, Nicola joins Squee to talk Loki and Back Widow and our Big Question of the week: What cult would you start and what’s would the first rule be?
    You ca…

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep60- 15-7-21- Mark Cordory Interview – Your project deserving praise
    Master prop’s maker Mark Cordory (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Corpse Bride) joins Squee to talk about his fine work for TV, movies and Larp.
    Then Nicola joins the fun to read some of your answers to the Big Question of the week: What project have you done r…

    Ep59- 8-7-21 – Mac McDonald / SportSpeil on the Euros / Richard Donner RIP
    Doctor Squee talks to Alistair & Will from SportSpeil about England in the Euro’s so far and their chances for the final. We pull an interview with Mac McDonald (Red Dwarf, Alien, Batman) from 2019 that Squee did for his previous podcast and We tal…

    Ep58- 1/7/21 Courtney Gains – Canada Day 2021
    Actor Courtney Gains (Back to the Future, The Burbs, Children on the Corn) joins Squee for anecdotes about his 30 years in show biz and to share some of his new music. We also talk about Canada day, why some are choosing to not celebrate this year, Squ…

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