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The Doctor Squee Show

    Most recent episode posted 2 weeks ago.

    The Doctor Squee Show Episodes

    Ep74- Marina Sirtis – Gareth David-Lloyd / Kai Owen / Bluesy Susie
    SW20’s very own Bluesy Susie talks about her career in music and upcoming gigs, then Sci-Fi legends Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: TNG), and Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd & Kai Owen join Squee for some interview’s conducted in 2019 at the SciFi Ball.

    Ep73 – Chloe Tracios / Introducing Jodea / Outrageous Liars
    Chole Tracious (Rightious Gemstones, MacGyver, Introducing Jodea) is Squee’s guest and we play “Outrageous Liars”, the game of tall tales that are all, of course, completely true!
    Enjoy the live show with full music choices on SW20Radio.Co.Uk or on the…

    Ep72- UnaMcCormack
    Author Una McCormack (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Blakes 7) joins Squee to talk about how Blakes 7 was her first love writing fan fiction, getting to write for multiple Doctors Who, bringing together so much source material for the autobiographies …

    Ep71 – Ronald B Moore FX legend
    5 times Emmy award winning FX legend Ronald B. Moore joins Squee to talk about his years on Star Trek, working on the original Ghostbusters, the cut of Big Trouble in Little China we never got to see, Fright Night and so much more.
    Enjoy the live show …

    Ep70 – Sami Shah / Matt Lees Loves Musicals
    Comedian, author and podcaster Sami Shah talks to Squee about appearing on QI and meeting his hero Stephen Fry, being a Pakistani immigrant in Australia as chronicled in “I Migrant”, his bestselling book and guesting on the hilarious Bugle podcast with…

    Ep69 – The Midnight Alien Hunters Halloween Special
    As we host our Alien Halloween special, Squee’s microphone breaks down, coincidence or do the aliens not want you to hear? We are joined by John Wright to talk real life claims alien abductions and the history of aliens. Nicola joins us to talk about s…

    Ep68- Toby Hadoke
    Squee’s guest is Toby Haoke (Coronation Street, Stand Up), we talk about the Got No Beef vegan restaurant for our Man About Town Section and our musical theme of the week is Drive Time.
    Enjoy the live show with full music choices on SW20Radio.Co.Uk or …

    Ep67 – Sophie Aldred
    The Doctor Squee Show starts a new chapter on the new sound of South Wales, SW20 radio. Squee’s first guest on SW20 is Doctor Who’s Ace, Sophie Aldred.

    Ep66- John Challis from 2015 – Talking Codswallop – Matt Lees
    We say goodbye to the legend John Challis by listening to an interview Squee conducted with him in 2015. Then The Talking Codswallop Podcast catches up with Squee for a crossover and Matt Lees talks music, radio and the upcoming Squeef3st.
    Subscribe to…

    Ep65 – 2/9/21 -Joel Soisson / Al Galpin / The Bear’s Last ROAR
    Legendary Hollywood writer, director and producer Joel Soisson (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) chat’s with Squee about his life in film and his new movie “My Best Worst Adventure”. And station manager Al Galpin joins us to roar a fond farewell t…

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