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The Doctor Squee Show

    Most recent episode posted 2 months ago.

    The Doctor Squee Show Episodes

    Ep17 – Andrew McElfresh
    Andrew McElfresh joins Squee to talk about writing for Jay Leno, the Wayan brothers, the film White Chicks, and new film Kilroy Was Here.

    Ep16 – Matt Donnelly – The Mind Noodler
    Matt Donnelly joins Squee to talk about taking up magic in his 40’s, working with Penn & Teller, Piff the Magic Dragon and Johnny Thompson, his podcast Ice Cream Social, co-hosting Penn’s Sunday school, and more.

    Ep15 – Kevin Hearn
    Kevin Hearn from the Barenaked Ladies talks to Squee about his early days in music, joining the band as they went to number 1, facing health problems, his solo work, taking on life’s challenges and the new album the band is working on.

    Ep14 – George Mann
    Author George Mann talks to Squee in an episode recorded in the early days of the lockdown.

    Ep13 – Louise Jameson
    Louise Jameson is this weeks guest. Although she may be best know as Leela in Doctor who (both on TV and now in audio form for Big Finish), if that’s all you know her for you haven’t been paying attention.

    Ep12- Galina Rin from Death Ingloria / Blain Garrison from Blain Makes Food
    Squee talks with Galina Rin from ‘Death Ingloria’ and Blain Garrison from Blain Makes Food.

    Ep11 – Dane Baptiste
    Comedian Dane Baptiste talks to Squee about appearing on Live at the Apollo, his BBC 3 sitcom Sunny D, his new show The Chocolate Chip, why the Queen probably doesn’t need a boat right now, and so much more.

    The Doctor Squee Show – Ep10 – Michael Fenton Stevens
    Squee talks to actor and comedian Michael Fenton Stevens about pranking Nigel Hawthorne on Only Fools and Horses, getting a number 1 hit with The Chicken Song for Spitting Image, his new podcast “My Time Capsule”, and so much more.

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep9- Ross Mullan
    Ross Mullan, actor, creature performer and all round great guy joins Squee to talk about his work on Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Bear Behaving Badly and what he does to keep away the lock down blues.

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep8- Leslie Ash / Jennifer Edwards
    Squee talks with actors Leslie Ash (Quadrophenia, Men Behaving Badly) & Jennifer Edwards (Star Trek: The Next Generation, SOB, Heidi).

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