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The Doctor Squee Show

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    The Doctor Squee Show Episodes

    Ep52- 20-5-21 Ashlynn Yennie / Simon Harding from The Eurovision Show / The circle of Laptop
    Actor Ashlynn Yennie joins Squee to talk about the Human Centipede, living with this iconic but controversial movie and her new film Antidote. Simon Harding from the Eurovision Show (Sat, 6pm on TheBear.Live) talks to Squee about this years contest and…

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep51- 16/5/21: 1st Anniversary (Plus 3 week) Show / The Three Amigos Pod / Lockdown Projects update
    We have a belated First Anniversary for the Doctor Squee Show, check in with how your lockdown projects are going and we showcase Squee’s new show with Al & Leesy, The Three Amigos!
    Check out Al at TheBear.Live and Leesy at https://www.facebook.com…

    The Doctor Squee Show -Ep50- 29/4/21: Oscars 2021 / Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    Our friend Spindles joins us for a round up of the Oscars, which he attended online as press and we then talk Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
    You can catch the Doctor Squee radio show live with music, Thursdays, 8pm – 10pm GMT, at the TheBear.Live or on…

    Ep49- Crop Circle realities – Darcy Weir & Geoffrey D Calhoun / What would you legalise
    Darcy Weir & Geoggrey D Calhoun from Crop Circle Realities, a new documentry are Squee’s guest and Nicola join’s Squee to talk about The Big Question of the Week, what would you legalise if you could?
    You can catch the Doctor Squee radio show live …

    Ep48 – John Robertson / Unexplained things you have seen
    Chortle award winning comedian John Robertson is Squee’s guest this week talking about the Dark Room, his live show and so much more. Nicola joins us to talk about your answers to the big question of the week, what strange things have you seen that you…

    The Doctor Squee Show 8/4/21 -Ep47- Terri Ivens, Lili Matter, 86 Melrose Avenue
    Actor Terri Ivens (Doggie Houser MD, Punky Brewster, All My Children) and writer / director Lili Matter (Born in Beirut, Life Gets in the Way) join Squee. Terri talks about working through a pandemic, her long career in TV and movies and how her role c…

    DSS -Ep46- 1-4-21 – Professor Elemental – Alex Reid – What 5 celebrities would you meet for what?
    This week, professor Elemental joins Squee to talk about travelling the world as a gentle man rhymer, how Chap-Hop became a small genre and he shares some of his tunes. Then Alex Reid talks about how MMA seems like a different life now his passion for …

    Ep45 – Justice League The Snyder Cut – Fours A Crowd Podcast talk – Remembering those lost in lockdown
    We kick off the show by remembering those we have lost a year into lockdown. Then Squee is joined by Level up Leroy, James King and Paul Gee to talk Justice League: The Snyder Cut.

    Ep44 – JimCredible, Laura Duff, “The Pan Man” Martyn Crofts, Counsellor Ally Cummings / The Sarah Everard vigil, Lame Claims to being Irish
    In a packed show: Recorded for TheBear.Live charity event SuperPod3, Squee welcomes presenters and comedians JimCredible & Laura Duff and Britain’s got Talent finalist “The Pan Man” Martyn Crofts.  Jim talks about his new job as a ringleader a…

    Ep43- WandaVision Finale, Mackenzie Flohr, Inspirational Woman
    We talk WandaVision with James King and Paul Gee, author MacKenzie Flohr talks about her series of books, the award winning Rite of Wands and the podcast she is a part of Legend of the Traveling Tardis and Nicola Gossling talks inspirational Woman for …

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