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Hey! I Gotta New Book

Episode 12: Mellybean and The Giant Monster

Episode 12

Mellybean and The Giant Monster

by  Mike White

In this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book, Logan and Richard review Mellybean and The Giant Monster   by Mike White.  Logan leads us through this anthropomorphic adventure of a little dog and her Giant Monster friend.

Mellybean , a little dog of large courage, finds herself in a magical land with strange new people. This little dog, shows us how even the smallest of creatures can be a friend to the largest of magical monsters.

Logan gives a brief rundown of each unique character; and what events transpire to make Mellybean such a funny and entertaining book to read.  Logan and Richard share their opinion on the storyline and what they liked most about this adventure.

Will Mellybean help the Giant Monster? Will we learn what eye crusties are made out of?

Find out this and a whole lot more on this episode of Hey! I gotta new book Podcast

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