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Episode 9 – InvestiGATORS

Hey! I Gotta New Book

Hey I Gotta New Book Episode 9

The InvestiGATORS


John Patrick Green

On this episode of Hey I Gotta New Book, Richard and Logan review The InvestiGATORS  by John Patrick Green.

Richard and Logan talk about some super-cool reptiles that work for an organization called S.U.I.T.  These Gators are two clever detectives that help foil evil plots by mad geniuses.  In this book the boys talk about traveling in the sewers, creating super dough, and dangerous dinosaurs that use technology to steal.

Will the InvestiGATORS use their wits to solve the mystery of the missing Chef?  Will super dough be the newest item in pie baking? And Why is there a giant eyeball holding out his robot hand?

Find out this and so much more on this episode of Hey! I Gotta New Book Podcast.

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