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For Your Distraction

    Most recent episode posted 1 month ago.

    For Your Distraction Episodes

    FYD Ep. 186 – Roganomics
    The guys talk about Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, Joe Rogan, and feature the newest Coercive Cinema where they talk about Bad Ben and Hail, Caesar.

    FYD Ep. 185 – Lowered Expectations
    The guys talk Twister, TV shows, and high school football.

    FYD Ep. 184 – Only Fans
    The guys talk about Onlyfans, Legion, TV shows, and they bring us the newest segment, Coercive Cinema!

    FYD Ep. 183 – Kink Shame Free
    The guys are back after a long hiatus to discuss The Batman trailer, the unfortunate passing of Chadwick Boseman, the court of public opinion, and they start a new segment.

    FYD Ep. 182 – Bumble Man
    The guys talk about movies and television they have been watching and Adam rants about dating apps!

    FYD Ep. 181 – I’m The Captain Now
    The guys talk vacations, swimming, and white water rafting!

    FYD Ep. 180 – Mangy Strong
    The guys are joined by special guest Ryan Dunch to talk toy conventions, Spongebob, and Ninja Turtles!

    FYD Ep. 179 – Oh My 90s
    The guys are back with Laura to play a movie trivia game and talk about 90s Nickelodeon, Disney, and other networks!

    FYD Ep. 178 – The Last Of The Dalonis
    The guys round the track of Daloni siblings with special guest Alexis Daloni!

    FYD Ep. 177 Pt. 2 – Addendum
    In this bonus episode Adam adds his thoughts to last episode’s topic and is fired up about an additional story!

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