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EMG Radio

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    EMG Radio Episodes

    EMG Radio
    EMG Radio is the official Electronic Musicians Group podcast. EMG Radio features indie electronic music in a wide variety of genres. Hosted by musicians, featuring interviews with musicians, with new music submitted by musicians!

    EMG Radio #46: Emotional Time Travel
    On this episode of EMG Radio we take a look back at the nine Electronic Musicians Group compilation albums released thus far. From EMG 1.0

    EMG Radio #45: Exclusively Exclusive
    EMG Radio world premiere exclusives abound! Onslaught Six and The Warhorse both drop exclusive new tracks on us as well as a full roster of

    EMG Radio #44: Fever Dreams
    EMG Radio unleashes a solid set of new music from Electronic Musicians Group members. This episode highlights both the mellow, emotional side of electronic music

    EMG Radio #43: Dancing In The Street
    EMG Radio returns with more synth and electronic music. The Synthwave Producers community continue their takeover of the podcast with a full episode of fantastic

    EMG Radio #42: Waves of Synth
    EMG Radio rides high on the waves of synth music this episode! We reached out to the synthwave community and they offered up a fantastic

    EMG Radio #41: Black and White Forever
    On this huge episode of the EMG Radio podcast we interview Avant Lust about their new EP, highlight the most recent Ezra Yates album, and

    EMG Radio #40: Zombie Radio
    Raising from the dead like a shambling zombie EMG Radio lives again! We know, we can’t believe it either. New year, new season, new music.

    EMG Radio #39: Party of 2.0
    Another EMG compilation album, another EMG Radio live listening party! To celebrate the release of Electronic Musicians Group’s 8th compilation album ‘EMG 2.0’ we were

    EMG Radio #38: Reapers Q&A
    On this episode of the EMG Radio podcast we are joined once again by Reapers for a Q&A recorded during our live stream listening party.

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