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Grawlix Cinematic Universe

Most recent episode posted 1 year ago.

Grawlix Cinematic Universe Episodes

  • Pig & Okja
    Season 5 kicks off with the theme of Nicolas Cage. Each episode we are pairing a Nicolas Cage movie with a non-Cage film. This episode, we’re discussing a animal nabbing double feature of Pig (2021) and Okja (2017).
  • Friday the 13th Special Part IV
    The Grawlix Cinematic Universe, much like Jason Voorhees, simply can’t resist causing trouble when a Friday the 13th pops up on the calendar. Even if everyone thought it was dead. It’s murder-zombie time.Well, hold on now. For the 4th installm…
  • Christmas Horror Special 2020
    The Grawlix Podcast and Grawlix Cinematic Universe come together to discuss Black Christmas and it’s most recent remake, Ernest Saves Christmas, and Santa’s Slay. Plus, a game! Can you guess the holiday classic by viewer reviews?
  • Friday the 13th Special Part III
    GCU wraps up it’s 4th season with one final Friday the 13th special. Paul of Moose’s Monster Mash and Jordan of Movie Guys Podcast join the show to discuss Friday the 13th parts 7 through 9.
  • Mandy & Color Out of Space
    It’s a magenta-soaked Nicolas Cage horror double feature! We discuss and mashup the extremely stylish and disturbing films, Mandy and Color Out of Space.
  • Blue Ruin & Green Room w/ Trashed Talk Podcast
    Two podcasts, two movies, one CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! Grawlix Cinematic Universe and Trashed Talk Podcast come together to review Blue Ruin (2013) and Green Room (2016).
  • What Did David Do?
    What is so appealing about the work of David Lynch? Randy bucks the usual format to discuss the unique and iconic arthouse filmmaker’s work.
  • GCU #37: Await Further Instructions & Pulse
    It’s a technology gone awry horror movie double feature! Melanie of Grawlix Podcast joins the show to review Await Further Instructions (2018) and Pulse (1988).
  • GCU #36: Critters & Gremlins
    This Christmas we found a creature double feature under the tree! We discuss two holiday horror-comedy classics, Gremlins (1984) and Critters (1986).
  • Friday the 13th Special Part II
    The Grawlix Cinematic Universe explores the “Tommy Jarvis trilogy” of Friday the 13th Parts 4, 5, and 6.