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That Music Podcast

    Most recent episode posted 3 weeks ago.

    That Music Podcast Episodes

    That Music Podcast Episode 13 – Nicky Free of the band Loudhead
    This week Nicky Free from the band Loudhead joins us to talk about the bands debut EP and helps us review Metallica’s St. Anger album!

    Episode 12 – Evanescence “Fallen”, Asking Alexandria Like a house on fire, AC/DC Back in Black
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder continue their trip on the Rolling Stone top 100 metal albums with Evanescence “Fallen” album. Plus, Asking Alexandria “Like a house on fire” and AC/DC “Back in Black”.

    Episode 11 – Avenged Sevenfold “City of Evil”, Four Year Strong “Brain Pain” and favorite music videos
    This episode Zach and Kevin take a lookat Avenged Sevenfold’s 2005 album City of Evil and the new album from Four Year Strong “Brain Pain” plus we discuss our favorite music videos!

    Episode 10 – Angels and Airwaves “We don’t need to Whisper”, Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard of oz”, Five Finger Death Punch “F8”
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder talk about the debut record from Angels and Airwaves “We don’t need to Whisper”, Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard of Oz”, and the newest album from Five Finger Death Punch “F8”!

    Episode 9 – Motorhead- Ace of Spades, Foo Fighters- Debut album, and All Time Low- Wake Up, Sunshine
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder talk about Motorhead’s Ace of Spades album, Foo Fighters’ debut album and All Time Low’s new album Wake Up, Sunshine.

    Episode 8 – The Bombpops “Death in Venice Beach”, Papa Roach “Infest”, and Iron Main “Self titled” plus more news.
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder review the latest album from the band The Bombpops “Death on Venice Beach”, Papa Roach “Infest” and Iron Maiden’s “Self Titled” album!

    Episode 7 – Alien Ant Farm “Anthology”, Pearl Jam “Gigaton”, Live albums and Live DVDs
    Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder are back with a new episode! This week we’re taking a look back at Alien Ant Farm “Anthology” album and Pearl Jams newest album Gigaton. We also talk about our favorite Live DVDs and Live albums.

    Episode 6 with Jeremy Popoff from Lit talking A Place in the Sun album!
    This week on That Music Podcast, Zach and Kevin are joined by the guitarist from the band Lit, Jeremy Popoff, to talk the album A Place in the Sun!

    Episode 5 – Disturbed Down with the Sickness and Believe, The Beatles White Album, favorite Trio bands, and more!
    This episode we’re taking a look back at Disturbed’s Down With The Sickness and Believe albums, the Beatles White album, and our favorite trio bands!

    That Music Podcast Episode 4 – Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man review, Green Day Trilogy Album breakdown and more
    This week That Music Podcast reviews the new album from Ozzy Osbourne and take a look back at Green Day’s Trilogy albums Uno, Dos and Tre and turn them into one album and much more!

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