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1980s Movie Graveyard

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    Most recent episode posted 2 weeks ago.

    1980s Movie Graveyard Episodes

    Love at First Bite
    Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day 2020 arrives and Boo and Goat sit down to watch the cult comedy classic Love At First Bite! Love never dies!

    Indie & Cult Film Distribution
    On this cut from the crypt, The Goat and Cory G discuss the business of releasing cult and independent films with the men behind Apprehensive Films, Whacked Movies and Wild Eye Releasing.

    Christmas Evil
    Goat & Trev scare up some holiday cheer by discussing the cult film Christmas Evil.

    On this Thanksgiving feast edition of The Movie Graveyard, The Goat is joined by Zach from the hit podcast Mac and Zach Save the World to discuss the insatiable small alien creature romp Critters!

    Dennis Hopper’s 1980s Resurgence
    The Goat and Trevor return to analyze the amazing and prolific career comeback that Dennis Hopper had circa 1986.

    Deadly Friend
    Goat and Ladybird return from summer break to talk about the Wes Craven sci fi horror flick Deadly Friend. Grab your favorite robot sidekick and enjoy the show!

    Drag Me To Hell
    The Goat, Byrd and Trevor battle it out over the Sam Raimi demonic horror flick Drag Me To Hell

    Favorite Movies of 2018
    The Movie Graveyard kicks off the new year with a mega episode where Goat, Byrd, Matt, Trev and Jelli lay to rest their favorite cinematic gems of 2018.

    Byrd’s Holiday Spectacular
    Goat and Byrd serve up some yuletide cheer by discussing some of Byrd’s favorite Christmas films.

    The Goat welcomes back old friends Byrd and Jelli to discuss the giant monster rampage of Gorgo.

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