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GCU #32: Halloween III: Season of the Witch & The Guest

It’s time. It’s time! It’s time for Halloween horror movies! This episode not only kicks off the horror-themed Season 4 of the podcast but also the first of two Halloween episodes this year.

First, this All Hallows double feature invades our homes with The Guest, the 2014 horror-thriller in which we learn to be careful who we let in. Even if he is handsome and likes synthwave. Fortunately, this is also the night NO ONE came home because we also watched Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Yes, it’s the one WITHOUT Michael Myers. What does the third installment in the Halloween franchise have? 80’s computer witchcraft, magic stonehenge rocks, ancient robots, Tom Atkins, and a killer John Carpenter/Alan Howarth score. No, really.

We then attempt to pitch a shared cinematic universe combining a movie about an unstoppable killer and the one movie in an unstoppable killer franchise that doesn’t have one. Enjoy!

Full show notes and more: https://grawlixpodcast.com/2019/10/gcu32/

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