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    GCU #22: True Romance & Pulp Fiction
    Time to talk about a true Quentin Tarantino double feature. Up first is the Tarantino penned, Tony Scott directed True Romance, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. The 2nd movie this episode is Tarantino’s 2nd movie, Pulp Fiction.

    GCU #21: The Killing & Reservoir Dogs
    It’s a heist double feature! Grawlix Cinematic Universe reviews Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing.

    GCU Outtake: The Greatest Movies Jasper’s Never Seen
    Randy reacts to the greatest movies ever made… that Jasper has never seen. Enjoy this outtake from the Grawlix Cinematic Universe movie podcast.

    GCU #20: Extended Cinematic Universe Returns
    We look back at GCU #11 – #19 and all 18 movies we reviewed therein and ask… what if? What if instead of mashing up Home Alone and Die Hard we combined Home Alone and Freddy vs Jason? How about Krampus and Die Hard and Drive?

    GCU New Year’s Special 2019
    Happy New Year! Favorite GCU moments of 2018 including Top 5 movie mashup pitches!

    GCU #19: Home Alone & Die Hard
    Yippee ki yay, ya’ filthy animal! This Christmas Eve the Grawlix Cinematic Universe has left the gift of Christmas siege movies! The review Home Alone (1990) and Die Hard (1988).

    GCU #18: Krampus & Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
    A horror holiday double feature! On this special Christmas episode of the Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast, we review Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Krampus.

    GCU #17: Big & Jack
    The Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast reviews Big (1988), starring Tom Hanks, and Jack (1996), starring Robin Williams. Joined by special guest Dustin Smothers. Then, as always, the boys pitch their shared cinematic universes!

    GCU #16: The Birds & The Deadly Bees
    The Birds and The Deadly Bees! Grawlix Cinematic Universe discusses the Alfred Hitchcock classic & a less than buzzworthy murder mystery that wishes it was The Birds.

    GCU #15: Trick or Treat / The Devil’s Candy Cinematic Universe
    It’s a heavy metal Halloween with this headbanging horror double feature! The Grawlix Cinematic Universe reviews Trick or Treat (1986) and The Devil’s Candy (2015).

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