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    GCU Outtakes: G Madness
    Tonight we present to you a sordid tale of madness. Several outtakes from GCU #27: The Street Fighter & Kill Bill Vol. 2 set the

    GCU #27: The Street Fighter & Kill Bill Vol. 2
    The quest for revenge continues and if you’ve got to fight… fight dirty! The GCU boys are joined by Grawlix Podcast’s own Jesse Kiefer for

    GCU #26: Lady Snowblood & Kill Bill Vol. 1
    Two ladies, two movies, a whole lot of killing. This double feature review focuses on a pair of bad@$$ women who are out for blood.

    GCU #25: Vanishing Point & Death Proof
    Tighten your seatbelt because on this episode of the Grawlix Cinematic Universe we discuss a drive-in double feature that’ll have you white knuckling the steering

    GCU Bonus: Doom Patrol, Titans, DC Universe
    GCU goes full Grawlix Prime! What began as a Pre-Show quickly bloated into a full on episode so the GCU boys decided why not just

    GCU #24: Foxy Brown & Jackie Brown
    Don’t mess aroun’ with Foxy Brown. She’s the meanest chick in town! Meanwhile, half a million dollars is up for grabs and no one knows

    GCU #23: From Dusk Till Dawn & Four Rooms
    Six stories. Four directors. Two movies. Witches, vampires, bellhops. This Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature has it all. And no, it’s not THAT double feature.This

    GCU #22: True Romance & Pulp Fiction
    Season Taran3no continues which means more fun movies about despicable characters doing bad things! This time it’s a true Quentin Tarantino double feature. Up first

    GCU #21: The Killing & Reservoir Dogs
    In all its fury and violence… the Grawlix Cinematic Universe returns for season 3! It’s a double feature of master filmmakers’ early works. We kick

    GCU Outtake: The Greatest Movies Jasper’s Never Seen
    Randy reacts to the greatest movies ever made… that Jasper has never seen. Some of his reactions may surprise you. While the Grawlix Cinematic Universe

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