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GCU #34: Leprechaun vs Jason In Space
The Grawlix Cinematic Universe goes to space with Leprechaun 4: In Space and Jason X!
GCU #33: The Warriors & Murder Party
It's a Halloween double feature of film reviews! We discuss cult classic The Warriors (1979) and horror comedy Murder Party (2007).
GCU #32: Halloween III: Season of the Witch & The Guest
The Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast reviews Halloween III: Season of the Witch and The Guest (2014).

GCU #21: The Killing & Reservoir Dogs

In all its fury and violence… the Grawlix Cinematic Universe returns for season 3! It’s a double feature of master filmmakers’ early works. We kick off season Taran3no with Quentin Tarantino’s feature length directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs.

Before we see the aftermath of the heist, though, we’ve got to see what inspired this caper gone wrong. So we also discuss Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing. This is Kubrick’s third film, a film noir style heist movie that served as inspiration for Tarantino’s Dogs. Then, of course, we’ve got to bring these two crime films together for an epic The Killing/Reservoir Dogs Cinematic Universe. Somehow.

Show Notes00:00 – Intro/Greetings
02:52 – The Killing (1956)
31:00 – Reservoir Dogs (1992)
50:51 – The Killing / Reservoir Dogs Cinematic Universe

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