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GCU #8: Ants! & The Wasp Woman

Grawlix Cinematic Universe

You just had to do it, didn’t you? You couldn’t leave well enough alone. You just had to go and tamper with nature! Don’t you know this is what happens when man tries to play God? Don’t you know… this is how we get Ants! And wasp women, apparently.

Ant-Man and the Wasp hit theaters this weekend and we wanted to celebrate the release of the latest MCU movie. It’s only fitting because without the MCU the GCU wouldn’t be what it is! However, we decided to go… a different way. No, we will not be discussing Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. Instead, we will be discussing Ants!, a 1977 made-for-TV movie, and The Wasp Woman, the 1959 Roger Corman low-budget monster flick.

That’s not all! We pulled Jesse over from Grawlix Podcast Prime to join us in reviewing these forgotten cinematic gems. You may also want to check out this episode’s Pre-Show, a nearly hour long bonus episode so massive it became its own show! Pre-Shows are the “show before the show” episodes available only to our Patreon supporters at the $1/month and up tier. Patrons can listen to that right on the website or over on our Patreon page.

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
02:40 – The Wasp Woman (1959)
2:00 – Ants! aka It Happened at Lakewood Manor (1977)
1:01:01 – Ants!/The Wasp Woman Cinematic Universe
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