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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Episodes

  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 248
    James and rob talk about some local film with The Demolisher, The Drownsman and Zandavi Lives and wrap up talking about the power houses of franchises.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 247
    Jason and Rob are joined this week by Peter Demitroff to talk about his script, The Guardian, that JX3 will be filming.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 246
    James and Rob tackle the big things today dipping into a little JFK and Biggie-Tupac controversy. Then they get to the topic this week, Jeff Goldblum.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 245
    Jason, James and Rob have a chat with Australian film maker gough, a man legally blind making comedy gold with his production company Beernuts Productions.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 244
    The Movie Madhouse talks a little about Hostiles and It Came From The Desert, and then jump right into this week’s topic… Halloween!
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 243
    The Movie Madhouse gets together to discuss Deadpool 2, Solo and the topic of the day… Guy Richie.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 242
    The final of 3 episodes of ‘View From the Projection Booth’.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 241
    Jason is back and the boys chat a bit about some blockbusters, Infinity War and Deep Blue Sea 2. Then the boys talk about all the cancelled and renewed shows coming up and finally all about Colin Farrell.
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 240
    James and Rob kick off the new format discussing Black Fawn Films, West World and NCIS. Then they get to the topic of the show; The MCU, from 2008 to date!!
  • The Movie Madhouse Episode 239
    Second episode of the View from the Projection Booth by James and Rob.