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    The Movie Madhouse Podcast Episodes

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 296
    In a very special episode of the Madouse, Rob sits down with WWE and WCW legend Sid Eudy, the incredible Sid Vicious.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 295
    Jason and Rob talk about the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Down Periscope!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 294
    A triple interview special. Rob sits down with actor from the great state of Texas Jeff Davis, sound designer and voice actor Kennedy Phillips, and finally actor and producer Brian Elder.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 293
    James and Rob basically focus on the MCU for this episode bring up some important deaths and a bunch of unanswered questions.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 292
    James and Jason take the helm this week and bring a ton of different topics out of their rabbit holes!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 291
    Jason takes on a brave solo mission and the Rob and his son Cameron talk about Spiderman: Far From Home and horror movies.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 290
    Jason, James and Rob sit down for another View and Review. Enjoy Pump Up the Volume!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 289
    Jason, James and Rob are together again and discuss sooooooo many things from the suspicious deaths of some celebrities to the Art in the Park event they just hosted, and so much in between.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 288.5
    A special episode where Rob talks to Middagh Goodwin, the man behind Graffiti-Con in Medesto Californis (and the soundtrack for the Black Fawn release The Ranger!)

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 288
    Jason, James and Rob are finally together again and so, of course, this show is a jumble of topics!

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