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    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    The Movie Madhouse Podcast Episodes

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 302
    James, Jason and Rob discuss their movie of the week, Shadow of a Doubt, and build their list for the horror a day for October list.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 301
    Anthony joins the boys for his first episode as a full member of the podcast to talk about the film of the Week, Iron Giant, as well as so many other tidbits!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 300
    Jason, James, Rob and newest member of the Madhouse Anthony celebrate the 300th episode with some flashbacks and reaffirming Jason’s prediction that Medea would beat out The Hobbit!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 299
    Jason and Rob are joined by Anthony Miller and Sid Eudy in this lead up to episode 300. Sid discusses a favorite station he has and even chimes in about The Boys and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 298
    James and Rob get ready for Episode 300 by talking about what they had seen as well as their topic of Theatrical Bombs that became classics.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 297
    The road to 300 begins! Jason, James and Rob are all together discussing some of the most recent films to be watched, including Madness in the Method, as well as a ton of others!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 296
    In a very special episode of the Madouse, Rob sits down with WWE and WCW legend Sid Eudy, the incredible Sid Vicious.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 295
    Jason and Rob talk about the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Down Periscope!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 294
    A triple interview special. Rob sits down with actor from the great state of Texas Jeff Davis, sound designer and voice actor Kennedy Phillips, and finally actor and producer Brian Elder.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 293
    James and Rob basically focus on the MCU for this episode bring up some important deaths and a bunch of unanswered questions.

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