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    ReTrek Episodes

    Star Trek: Discovery, Through the Valley of Shadows
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘Through the Valley of Shadows’ and apply Lacan’s theory of the Abject to Captain Pike’s plight.

    Star Trek: Discovery, Perpetual Infinity
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘Perpetual Infinity’ and it’s kinda ‘The Red Angel, part 2’.

    20 – Star Trek Discovery, The Red Angel
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘The Red Angel’ and it’s all about Michael, or is it?

    19 – Star Trek Discovery, Project Daedalus
    This week on Re:Trek digs into ‘Project Daedalus’ and finally get to know Arium – this can’t end well…

    18 – Star Trek:Discovery, If Memory Serves
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘If Memory Serves’ and enjoy the coolest ‘Previously on’ in Trek history.

    17 – Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks and More from SDCC
    In this week’s episode we take a break from Discovery to bring you our thoughts on all the big reveals from San Diego Comic Con!

    16 – Star Trek: Discovery, Light and Shadows
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘Light and Shadows’ and finally, finally see Spock!

    15 – Star Trek Discovery: The Sounds of Thunder
    This week on Re:Trek we dig into ‘The Sounds of Thunder’ and get to know a bit more about Saru and the mysteries of his homenworld.

    14 – What We Left Behind, Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    Re:Trek is back! This week we discuss the documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ as well as Deep Space Nine in general.

    Re:Trek – Star Trek: Reviewed, Revisited and Revered.
    A twice a week podcast hosted by Pat McNellis and Connor Hesnan in which they talk comics, TV shows, movies, video games, and other cool stuff.

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