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Retro Renegades Pop Culture Power Hour Episodes

  • Season 2 Episode 10: A Grand Adventure with Noah Hathaway from The Never-Ending Story
    We’re back… and boy do we have some stuff to tell you. We had a grand adventure and made a new friend. First, we’ll tell you all about attending Grand Comic Fest 4 and all the wonderful things we did there, and then we discuss the career of our new p…
  • Season 2 Episode 9: Dinosaurs and Space
    Here we are and here we go again, talking about a couple of our favorite things from elementary school, that’s right dinosaurs and space. Not only did these two subjects captivate our mind, but we got some pretty kick ass toys and films from them too!
  • Season 2 – Episode 8: Hogan Goes to Hollywood
    In the 80s Hulk-a-mania was running wild, and Hulk Hogan quickly became a household name, so naturally the next step was for him to start expanding his brand and make some movies. This week we cover them all.
  • Season 2 – Episode 7: ….And Now For a Special Presentation
    Sometimes your favorite television shows were pre-empted by a special news report or because the president was on…. all 3 channels, but sometimes you got some amazing feature presentation. This week we are talking about all the fun programing that your family would gather and watch together.
  • Season 2 – Episode 6: The Disney Afternoon
    Do you remember rushing home from school and having just enough time to change clothes and make a snack before settling in for some action, adventure, mystery, and maybe a little romance from your favorite cartoon pals? It’s time for The Disney Afternoon!
  • Season 2- Episode 5: Banned Toys
    This week we take a look at a few toys that made the news. Some were super dangerous, others were found to be offensive… but they all have one thing in common, they got hit with the ban hammer. That’s right, we’re talking banned toys. We’re also join…
  • Season 2-Episode 4: Ernest, Max, Bartles, James, Jocko and Joe Camel
    So we admit it….. we didn’t have a clue what the hell we were gonna talk about when we hit record. We had an idea, but no solid plan…. so we did what we do best, we started babbling about nothing. Eventually we talk about retro ad campaigns and wor…
  • Season 2- Episode 3: Ghostbusters
    So… after repeated viewings of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the fellas got all sentimental and wanted to chit chat about the films that started it all. They talk so long in fact that they have to take a potty break, and have to deal with several technica…
  • Season 2-Episode 2: Questionable Cartoons and Traumatizing Animated Films
    What’s happening friends? This week we explore several children’s cartoons that were based on R rated films and why this might not be a great idea. After that, we help each other process the animated films that traumatized us and try to figure out why….
  • Season 2-Episode 1: Home Video Game Consoles
    I’m pretty sure everyone remembers their very first home video game system. Many times they fall victim to a garage sale, but the lucky few still have these relics from the past hanging out in a box somewhere in their place. This week we are talking ab…