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Short Stories Episodes

  • 168 The Hound by H.P. Lovecraft
    I have Leukemia . What now ? Plus a chilling story about two grave robbers. About 35 minutes, All rights reserved.
  • The Clock by W.F. Harvey
    A man is asked to retrieve a clock in a vacant house. Some strange things occur when he attemps to do this., plus a bad dream, have you had any lately ? If so send your nightmare to myhorribledream@gmail.com and I’ll read it on the show. Story read by …
  • Death In Family
    There has been  a death in the family. Thus a delay in episodes. Thank you for your patience.
  • 166 The Well by W.W. Jacobs
    In this story a blackmailed person comes up with a solution that goes terribly wrong. Read by Robert Crandall. All rights reserved. Thank you for listening,  please invite a friend.  About 37 minutes
  • 165 Charles Ashmore’s Trail by Ambrose Bierce
    A man disappears and a search finds nothing but his voice.  Read by Robert Crandall, Thank you for listening, why not invite a friend. All rights reserved.
  • 164 Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe
    Am I a scumbag ? …A touching classic poem , and a horrific listener nightmare that may give you nightmares. Plus the horror word of the day. Read by Robert Crandall, Thank you for listening, why not invite a friend. All rights reserved.
  • 163 The Furnished Room by O Henry
    A tragic story of a man in search of a woman he loves. Read by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved, about 25 minutes. Thank You for listening , invite a friend.  
  • 162 The Vengeance of A Tree by Eleanor F Lewis
    Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do ? What if you were sentenced to hang for something you didn’t do ? In our feature story an innocent man is hanged, but vengeance finds a way and is brutal. Read by Robert Crandall , All rights reser…
  • 161 Four Wooden Stakes by Victor Rowan
    This story appeared in Weird Tales magazine in February 1925. In this story the protagonist receives a letter from an old friend in need of help, family members have mysteriously  died. The cause and solution are gruesome. Read by Robert Crandall, All …
  • 160 The Gray Man by Sarah Orne Jewett
    In our feature story a stranger moves into a small village and is welcome and performs many good things for the people who live in this small  town. But things take a turn for the worse and the inhabitants begin to fear and dread this man. I hope you e…