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    Vicious Circle Podcast Episodes

    #56: The Million Dollar Corporation
    Sid Eudy (Sid Justice / Sycho Sid) talks about starting in Ted DiBiase’s group and more.

    #55: Wrestlemania 11
    Sid Eudy discusses his role in Wrestlemania 11 and shares his thoughts recent events.

    #54: Lead up to Wrestlemania 11
    Sid Eudy (aka Sycho Sid / Sid Justice) talks about walking to the ring for Wrestlemania 11. Plus, further discussion on the BLM movement and US political race.

    #53: Back to the WWE
    Sid Eudy (aka Sycho Sid / Sid Justice) starts this episode talking about the second time we went to the WWE and then gets into fan questions.

    #52: One Year
    Sid Eudy celebrates the one year anniversary of the Vicious Circle talking with the fans.

    #51: Catching Up With Sid
    Sid Eudy has become interested in the political climate and learning the truth so the episode opens political then moves into the wrestling questions!

    #50: Truth and Lies in Our Times
    The episode takes a political turn as Sid Eudy (Sid Justice/Sid Vicious/Sycho Sid) and friend Maggie discuss their views on politics and the state of the world.

    #49: Fan Questions
    Part 2 of Sid Eudy aka Sycho Sid / Sid Justice answering the fans questions from his live show with a bonus question about the clique.

    #48: Catching Up With the World
    Sid Eudy (Sycho Sid / Sid Justice) talks about the world and wrestling with the fans on live stream.

    #47: LIVE Part 2
    Part 2 of Sid Eudy’s (aka Sycho Sid / Sid Justice) night with his fans answering a variety of questions.

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