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    Vicious Circle Podcast Episodes

    The Vicious Circle #83 – Back on the air, we hope
    After some technical difficulties Sid gets back on the Air to answer questions.

    The Vicious Circle #82 – Week 1 complete
    Sid and Rob talk about the first week of Sid’s fitness challenge

    The Vicious Circle #81 – Let’s Chat Wrestling
    Sid and Rob talk about AEW and take some questions from the fans.

    The Vicious Circle #80 – The Challange Begins
    Sid and Rob are ready for the challenge to begin and bring three contestants on; show regular Lori, Tom from Canada and Andy H from the USA

    The Vicious Circle #79 – Wrestling Catch Up
    Sid spend this episode talking about AEW and answering fans questions online.

    The Vicious Circle #78 – Almost time to start the challenge
    Sid has show regular and entry in the fitness challenge Lori on the show to talk about other methods of eating right.

    The Vicious Circle #77 – Wrestle talk
    Sid talks a little wrestling and chats with another entry for the challenge, Nathan from Austrailia

    The Vicious Circle #76 – Another Entry
    This week Sid talk’s with an entry to the fitness challenge, Andrew from England

    The Vicious Circle #75 – Question Time!
    Sid takes a night just to answer question from fans to the show and talks with an entry to the fitness challenge, Tom from Canada.

    The Vicious Circle #74 – A New Challange
    Sid brings up the idea of having a fitness challange.

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