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Vicious Circle Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 14
    Sid and Rob are joined by Barry Norman and discuss Sid’s love of film and the documentary he directed.
  • Episode 13
    Sid Eudy discusses the transition between WCW and WWE and how that looked in the locker room.
  • Episode 12
    This week Barry Norman, the writer of Sid’s book, puts the Sid Eudy in time out.
  • Episode 11
    Sid Eudy is joined by WCW producer Neal Pruitt to discuss their first meetings and their opinions on the new product.
  • Episode 10
    Sid Eudy talks about his work out schedules throughout the different stages of his career.
  • Episode 9
    Sid Eudy talks about his match with the Nightstalker, meeting El Gigante, getting ready to go to the WWE, and his son on Big Brother 14.
  • Episode 8
    Great friend from the days of WCW, Barry Norman, joins the show. Sid and Barry talk about WCW, the book Barry is writing for Sid, and Woodstock.
  • Episode 7
    Sid remembers joining The Four Horsemen and his favourite match against Sting at Halloween Havoc.
  • Episode 6
    Sid talks about being a tall kid in school and the recovery from his lung surgery.
  • Episode 5
    Sid Eudy discusses walking into WCW and some of those early matches, until a lung injury pulls him out.