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    Vicious Circle Podcast Episodes

    The Vicious Circle #66 – Checking on AEW
    Sid and the fans discuss the latest AEW and NXT show and some of the things that it signals

    The Vicious Circle #65 – Surprise Surprise
    Sid does a surprise live feed to ask his fans to watch AEW and NXT so it can be discussed on the next show.

    The Vicious Circle #64 – Sid’s Sunday
    Sid spends a Sunday answering the fans questions while live.

    The Vicious Circle #63 – Happy Thanksgiving
    In a special Thanksgiving episode Sid has some fun with the fans while talking about some favorite holiday traditions

    The Vicious Circle #62 – Back on the Air
    After a bout of Sickness Sid is back and answering questions for the people online.

    The Vicious Circle 61 – Almost Time

    For this taping the election was almost over so it was meant to discuss that but the fans talked more about health and cooking.

    The Vicious Circle #60 – Checking the Streak

    Sid follows up on some of the predictions he’s made while answering questions from the listeners.

    #59 – Wright or Wrong Wednesdays Part 2
    Sid asks fans who should be on the MT. Rushmore of wrestling and creates a Mt. of his own.

    #58: Question Day
    With Sid recently focusing on politics he spends a day answering questions from the listeners.

    #57: Wright or Wrong Wednesday
    Sid has his Wednesday political update and then fields some fan questions, some by video with Sid fan Johnny Doe.

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