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    Vicious Circle Podcast Episodes

    The Vicious Circle #73 – And a New Year Begins
    Sid rings in the new year talking to the fans about health and fitness with some great wrestling questions.

    The Vicious Circle #72 – Almost a New Year
    Wrapping up the year Sid has Graemazing the Level 7 Wizard on

    The Vicious Circle #71 – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
    Sid and Rob share their Christmas day, along with Jeffrey Allen of the band Fighting Grace, to talk about wrestling

    The Vicious Circle #70 – A Savage episode!
    Sid is joined by the Macho Man Randy Santa to find out if Sid has been a good boy.

    The Vicious Circle #69 – Something Special
    Sid had planned a special guest that had to postpone so enjoyed the time answering fan questions

    The Vicious Circle – Special #1
    A special episode of the podcast that drives to the heart of Sid’s hope for this show, the truth.

    The Vicious Circle #68 – Wrestling Recap
    Sid discusses the two top shows, NXT and AEW and points out some interesting points

    The Vicious Circle #67 – Chat Time
    This week Sid and Rob are joined by Dr. Stevil to talk a little about the state of autograph shows and a mix of other topics.

    The Vicious Circle #66 – Checking on AEW
    Sid and the fans discuss the latest AEW and NXT show and some of the things that it signals

    The Vicious Circle #65 – Surprise Surprise
    Sid does a surprise live feed to ask his fans to watch AEW and NXT so it can be discussed on the next show.

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