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Grawlix Nights: November 7, 2019 #live
Randy and Jesse REACT AT THE NEWS. From resurrected actors to Nicolas Cage Lovecraft-style, they run through the latest TV and movie news.
Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein - Best of Grawlix Lunch Box Live
Originally streamed live, The Grawlix Podcast discusses the unusual Netflix special "Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein".
#99: New Old, Good Bad Movies
For this year's Halloween episode The Grawlix Podcast discusses two films by Christopher R. Mihm. The Giant Spider (2013) and The Late Night Double Feature (2014).

#95: Convoyeur

It’s our O Con Expo 2019 special! We spent all weekend at our very own table at this year’s O Con Expo, an Omaha area comic book and pop culture convention. This episode get a taste of our experience, hear a couple of interviews with podcasters (and even a Star Wars droid!), and explore your voyeuristic side. Enjoy!


0:00 – Intro

Day 1

2:49 – Excerpts from Grawlix Lunch Box: Live at O Con Expo 2019

Day 2

9:50 – Interview with Randy Andrews of Soundtrack Alley Spotlight

21:02 – Day 2 Thoughts

Day 3

22:52 – Interview with Kyle of Men in a Tub

27:41 – Day 2 Thoughts, Con Thoughts

36:29 – Interview with Chris Leffel’s R2-R9 Droid

44:37 – Con-Voyeuring

55:11 – Closing Thoughts