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Grawlix Nights: The Timeless Plot Holes

We return with another live episode! The latest season of Doctor Who has just wrapped with Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 10: The Timeless Children and it was a BIG one. There are some strong opinions flying around Who fandom about it. Naturally, we’ve a few opinions on it ourselves.

If you’ve been listening to our weekly reviews of the show you may be able to guess how this is going to go. However, it may surprise you to know we actually liked the season finale! Don’t put that salt shaker away just yet, though, because we also hated it vehemently. What!?

Before we can React at the Who we’ve got to React at the News! This week’s news items include a Kids in the Hall revival, Taika Waititi signs with Netflix for TWO Charlie and the Chocolate Factory animated projects, the new Batmobile reveal, and more. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live March 5th, 2020 via Facebook Live.

Full show notes and more: https://grawlixpodcast.com/2020/03/nights-3-5-2020/

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