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Not #SnyderWatch – Nights

The Grawlix Podcast

For once we actually get right to the featured topic and the featured topic this episode is REACT AT THE NEWS! We cover the week’s notable TV & movie news. Wait… no Justice League talk? Originally streamed the day Zack Snyder’s Justice League dropped we opted to give ourselves time to digest that 4 hour intestinal blockage.

So, next episode we’ll dive deep into Snyder’s DC swan song. This episode, though, we discuss ANOTHER Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel that ignores the other sequels, a gender-swapped She’s All That, social distancing at the Oscars, and more. Plus, maybe a little bit of the ol’ #SnyderWatch. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live March 18th, 2021 via Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

Video replay, articles cited, and more: https://grawlixpodcast.com/2021/03/nights-3-18-2021

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