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Moose's Monster Mash Episodes

  • Day 5: It’s a Crazy Dreamworld with Mick Strawn
    Moose talks to Mick Strawn, art, production, and special effects designer whose credits include Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4, Blade, and many more.
  • Day 4: Seize the Night with Emma Dark
    Moose talks with award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark.
  • Day 3: Night of the Demons with Dennis Tenney
    Dennis Tenney joins me for day 3!! You’ve heard his musical talents in films like: Night of the Demons, and Leprechaun 3, now hear more about the process, and some stories behind your favorite movies.
  • Day 2: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark…Tribute
    I sit down with Curt Tuckfield and Shane Hunt, creators of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: A Tribute to Terror. We “fan out” over the original series created by Schwartz and Gammell and discuss what went into making this awesome book!
  • Day 1: Sandy Johnson from Halloween
    The first day of Moose’s 13 Horrorfiying days of Christmas with Sandy Johnson from Halloween. We talk about everything from her starting as a model and playing Judith Meyers to her becoming a teacher.
  • 13 horrifying days of Christmas Promo
    Sorry Horror Hounds no new episode this month, but its for a good reason. I have spent the month cultivating 13 brand new episodes to lead up to the season 2 premiere!!! Moose’s 13 Horrifying Days of Christmas starts on December 13th, so come back and …
  • Anniversary Episode with Dacre Stoker
    Dacre Stoker, the Great Grand Nephew of Bram Stoker joins me to help celebrate the one year anniversary of Moose’s Monster Mash!!! 
  • Pet Sematary with Mikey Taylor
    I sit down with local haunter and horror enthusiast, Mikey Taylor, and we discuss both the 1989 Pet Sematary and the 2019 Remake of the same name.
  • Merely Child’s Play, with Sandey Grinn
    Sandey Grinn joins Moose to talk about his time on movies such as Child’s Play 2 & 3 and Beetlejuice!
  • The Lugosi Legacy: with Bela Jr. and Lynne Lugosi Sparks
    Moose sits down with the heirs of the Lugosi Legacy to talk about the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Bela Lugosi!!! Hear family stories from his son Bela Lugosi Jr. as well as information on the legacy project from his granddaughter Lynne Lugosi Sparks.